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Reviewed: Game Name
Developer/Publisher: Microsoft
Genre Type: Multiplayer Space Combat
Price: $34.99 Buy Allegiance from Gamestop
Required System: P200MHz, DX7.0a, 32MB RAM, 270MB HD, Internet Access.
Reviewer's System: PII400MHz, DX 7.0a, 64MB RAM, GeForce 256, Win98
Related Games: Freespace 2, Starlancer, Tachyon: The Fringe
Overall Rating:
Author: Paul Scherbak       Date: June 15th, 2000
Page: 1

Game Review:

In the late Ď90ís, we saw the emergence of a game, a great game, called Tribes. Tribes changed the way we thought games could, and should be played. It introduced the online-only genre that is now becoming much more prevalent. Others are following in suit: TeamFortress 2, HALO, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, and more. Now, enter Allegiance. Itís online-only, but the action does not take place on the ground. Itís in space. Pretty cool, eh?

Allegiance takes place in an imaginary future. Thereís plenty of back-story, even a lengthy movie at the start, but all of this is unimportant because it plays no role whatsoever in the game. The player can take several, unique roles including pilot, commander and even turret gunner!

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Added:  Thursday, June 15, 2000
Reviewer:  Paul Scherbak
Page: 1/5

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