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Reviewed: Wheel of Time
Author: Chris Kim       Date: December 23rd 1999
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


The single player game is very enjoyable, the only problem is that the difficulty of the game is way too difficult and the unbalanced AI is extremely unfair. But the solid storyline and cool magical spell effects should keep most players playing the single player game long enough.


Some of the best-looking graphics ever have to be in this game. The environments are scaled to huge size and the architecture that went into creating the structures is simply amazing. The textures are all well aligned and very well detailed, models look excellent, and the special effects are A grade quality. The only problem is that the game is complete performance hog, the game can simply get bogged down to a slug speed.

Sound and Music:

Once again, the sound effects and music provide one hell raising experience, the ambient and locational sound effects create a very creepy environment, but the music and sound effects are a huge performance hog.


Possibly the best reason to buy Wheel of Time is because of the terrific multiplayer Citadel game. A typical deathmatch game is included, but a very special version of capture the flag called Citadel is included. The Citadel game is a lot like Team Fortress with the team setting up traps and other artifacts to protect their seals.

AI and Difficulty:

AI is very unfair and is the main reason for the downfall of the single player experience of the game. The enemies will always do some strafe dodge moves that allows them to keep on avoiding weapon shots, it gets terribly annoying at times. The game is also way too difficult for the average gamer.

Controls and Interface:

The controllers and input devices are excellent providing lighting quick feedback and response, but the main problem with the interface are the extremely long load times and the very crucial Ter'Angreal switch system. Ter'Angreal can't be switched very quickly, sometimes leading to a quick death.


This game could have been one of the coolest games ever, but the extreme performance hog bit, unfair AI, and somewhat less than appealing interface fog up an otherwise fine game.

Pluses (+)
  • Lots of Ter'Angreal
  • Great Citadel Multiplayer Game
  • Awesome Graphics
  • Very Good Sound
  • Minuses (-)
  • Terribly Unfair AI
  • Performance Hog
  • Hard to Switch Ter'Angreal (Interface Problem)
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    Added:  Thursday, December 23, 1999
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 4/5

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