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Reviewed: Wild Wild West
Author: Chris Kim       Date: January 7th 2000
Page: 3

Being a puzzle game at heart, there isn't much in terms of AI in Wild Wild West, but the main thing that the AI is used for is controlling some of the timing and speed that such NPC characters looking out to destroy both Jim and Artie. They don't really move nor have any coordinated ways to move intelligently, they move in a static fashion seemingly following a preprogrammed path that if the player is detected in the line of sight then they will react. The game itself isn't too difficult, but the extremely scripted and sometimes very not obvious ways to solve puzzles can make it extremely frustrating at times.

Run Artie Run
Stashed Away

The interface really doesn't do much in terms of being a satisfying control mechanism. The interface is completely consisting of a mouse driven interface, but there are no keyboard shortcuts or any use of other input devices. The fighting interface is extremely awkward as West is required to constantly switch from shoot mode to walk mode on the fly with two buttons on the mouse making movement while firing near to impossible.

One good thing about Wild Wild West is the excellent voice acting in the game. The actors used for the voices of West and Artie are very close to the voices of Kevin Kline and Will Smith. However, the rest of the sound effects and music are just mediocre. Gunshots are very generic sounding and the rest of the music is plain and not outstanding.

Artie Dies Too
That's in the movie
Stop Following

Graphically Wild Wild West might not provide the most stunning visuals, but they do a decent job of what they were designed to do. The game claims to take advantage of 3D Accelerators, however, it doesn't really appeal to do so. The animated polygonal models are extremely blocky and move very heavy and clunky. Special effects are on the low side and the ones that are included look like crap. The only good sides of the graphics are the stunning shadows and environments. Those are done excellently, while the shadow casting might not compare to Nocturne's shadows, they are projected quite accurately and look good. The environments are prerendered, but they look very good, quite similar to Silver's backdrops.

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Added:  Friday, January 07, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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