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Reviewed: Wild Wild West
Author: Chris Kim       Date: January 7th 2000
Page: 2

Way too often, games that possess a movie license fall straight on their faces. How could Wild Wild West, the movie that disappointed so many fans in the movie theaters do well on another media format where there is an even smaller audience with an even wider spread younger appeal, which the game was directed at? Much like the Men in Black version of the movie game, Wild Wild West fails a lot like any other poorly designed adventure game. This is not a review on the game and will not reflect any opinion or thoughts about the movie.

Remember This?
Duke It

Classified as an action gun slinging adventure game, Wild Wild West combines some very unique gaming experiences into one package. The game involves the same characters in the Wild Wild West movie, James West and Artemus Gordon in an adventure to solve many mysteries and puzzles that lay before them. The storyline itself takes place chronologically right after where the movie ends. Artemus Gordon and James West will find themselves again aboard the super train, Wanderer. On the train, President Grant has received a death threat letter signed by the "true executioner of Abraham Lincoln." Of course, Grant being scared out of his wits summons his two best secret service agents to find out what is going on within the city and figure out what and whom the note is from.

Crossword Puzzle
Ladies Man
Oh Too Common

Consisting of two main games, both James West and Artemus Gordon have two completely different storylines and adventures that they go out on. James West's missions are a combination of both action fighting and puzzle solving. West's missions are fairly rudimentary and rustic. They involve solving some extremely simple puzzles somewhat like key searching then going out and just gunning down bad guys. Instead of doing what he does best, however, it seems that West solves way too many puzzles and not enough raw fighting. Even his fighting requires a certain way to be executed otherwise the whole fight turns out to be a death trap for West. He must use the environment to his advantage as the whole fighting arenas seem to be extremely linearly scripted resulting in a very poor style of fighting. Rather than having enemies appear and wander areas based on curiosity, they only appear once West enters a certain area or location that they are set to patrol.

Majority of West's puzzles are way too simple. Mainly the puzzles are just search and be resourceful type puzzles. Usually he will just need to find an item in the room that will allow him to enable some other item to allow him to go and trigger some violent event that will start a fight.

What Adventure?

Artemus Gordon's adventure on the other hand completely consists of puzzle elements and problem solving. He doesn't carry any weapons upon which to defend himself making Artie a complete wuss to physical attacks, which he will often find to be his most crippling feature. Artie will usually find himself in a situation that requires cunning skill and usage of certain items in his inventory that will create some sort of diversion or scheme to create another situation. The main problem with Artie's adventures are that they require so much experimentation of situations and creating plans that the player will often find himself loading, reloading repeatedly.

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Added:  Friday, January 07, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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