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Reviewed: VRJoy 2000
Manufacturer: VRStandard
Product Type: 3D Glasses
Required System: Directx 7.0a
Reviewer's System: Athlon 800, 128mb Ram, Elsa Gladiac, DX7.0a, WinME
Overall Rating:
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: January 19th 2001
Page: 1

Product Review:

Virtual Reality -- it's a "holy grail" of sorts, something that gamers want more than anything else. It offers the promise of fooling the senses, letting gamers escape the fact that their monitor is really only displaying a 2D representation of a 3D image. With the advent of standards for storing the 3D data in games in OpenGL and Direct3D, as well as higher-quality video cards able to output high resolution images with high framerates, companies have been making glasses to convert the images on the monitor to a 3D representation. The VRJoy glasses by VRStandard have come a long way since their first, blocky models. When we first reviewed them, we found two main problems -- the glasses themselves were bulky, and the drivers were immature and not compatible with many titles. Now the glasses have become sleek, and the drivers will run on just about any DirectX 6, 7 or 8-compatible game.

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Added:  Friday, January 19, 2001
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 1/3

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