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Reviewed: VRJoy 3D Glasses
Manufacturer: VRStandards
Product Type: 3D Glasses
Overall Rating:
Provided By: VRStandard Corp.
Author: Michael "" Ahlf/Kyle Maulden       Date: November 1st 1999
Page: Game Compatibility List
Game 3D API Tested Version Note
Alien vs. Predator D3D Demo  
Battle zone II D3D Demo  
Carmageddon2 D3D Demo
Cyber stike 2 D3D Demo  
Dark stone D3D Demo
Dark Vengence D3D Demo  
Defiance D3D Demo  
Descent 3 D3D Demo  
Dethkarz D3D Demo
Dominant species D3D Demo  
Drakan D3D Demo
Evil Core D3D Demo  
Expendable D3D Demo
Flesh Feast D3D Demo  
Force21 D3D Demo  
Forsaken D3D Demo
Future cop: LAPD D3D Demo  
GP500(FIM Grand Prix 500) D3D Demo  
Half-Life OpenGL Demo
Hidden and Dangerous D3D Demo  
High Heat Baseball 2000 D3D Demo  
Hot Chix 'n' Gear Stix D3D Demo  
Heavy Gear II D3D Demo
Heritc II OpenGL Demo  
Jedi Knight-Dark Forces 2 D3D Demo
Jeff Gordon XS Racing D3D Demo  
Kingpin OpenGL Demo  
King's Quest VIII-Mask of Eternity D3D Demo  
Klingon Honor Guard D3D Demo  
Lander D3D Demo  
Lemmings Revolution D3D Demo  
Machines D3D Demo  
Monster Truck Madness 2 D3D Demo
Mortyr D3D Demo
Motor Cross Madness D3D Demo
Motoracer 2 D3D Demo  
NASCAR Revolution D3D Demo
Need for Speed High Stakes D3D Demo  
Need for Speed III D3D Demo  
Power Boat Racing D3D Demo  
Quake II OpenGL Retail
Quake III OpenGL Demo
Rainbow Six D3D Demo
Rally Championship 2000 D3D Demo  
Recoil D3D Demo  
Redline Racer D3D Demo  
Re-Volt D3D Demo a few broken polygon
Resident Evil 2 D3D Demo a few broken polygon
Requiem D3D Demo
Rollcage D3D Demo  
Shadow company D3D Demo  
Shadows of Empire D3D Demo
Shogo MAD D3D Demo
Sin OpenGL Demo  
Sinistar D3D Demo  
Sports Car GT D3D Demo  
Startrek-Star Fleet Command D3D Demo  
Starwars Episode I-Phantum menace D3D Demo
Starwars Episode I-Racer D3D Demo a few broken polygon
Sub culture D3D Demo  
Super Bike World Championship D3D Demo
Super Touring Car D3D Demo  
System Shock 2 D3D Demo
Terracide D3D Demo  
Test drive 5 D3D Demo  
Thief-The Dark Project D3D Demo  
Tomb Raider II D3D Demo
Tomb Raider III D3D Demo
Turok D3D Demo
Turok II D3D Demo  
Unreal D3D Retail  
Virtua Squad 2 D3D Demo Press F10, select Device "D3D"
Virtual Deep Sea Fishing D3D Demo  
Vrally99 D3D Demo  
VRND D3D Demo  
VR Baseball D3D Demo  
Wild Metal Country D3D Demo  
X-Wing Alliance D3D Demo  


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Added:  Monday, November 01, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 4/4

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