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Reviewed: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: November 23rd 2000
Page: 5

Load Screens let you know what's coming.
Behold the Bridge.
The Etherian vessel looks almost alive.

Delta Flyer Taxi Service, ready to launch.
Do NOT get these guys mad.
You know, the Imperials have really gotten lax recently.

So much for the Hirogen Alpha.
Seven of Nine, curved surfaces and all.
How the heck do we fix THIS?

Species 8472 can get really nasty.
We are the Borg. You know the rest.
Holomatch gives you access to all the game levels, as well as some practice levels.

Feel intimidated yet? These are the Harvesters.
Not exactly the end boss I'd expect in a Trek game.
A Klingon environment to test out new weapons.

Welcome to the Wild West.
Holodecks sound be relaxing, right?
How's a medieval castle grab you?

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Added:  Thursday, November 23, 2000
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 5/5

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