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Reviewed: Connectix Virtual Game Station
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: July 22nd, 2000
Page: 3

Final Breakdown

Gameplay: N/A

Well, Virtual GameStation isn't a game... so it's not rated.


Great compatibility especially with 2D surfaces like backgrounds; the only concern is the lack of 3D hardware support. It cannot compete at the level of bleem! when the 3D Acceleration is enabled and is working properly.

Sound and Music:

Again, has excellent compatibility while not improving or changing the actual sound itself. Otherwise, it is quite flawless.

Multiplayer: N/A

Hopefully, in the future, Netplay will be programed in.

AI and Difficulty: N/A

As with gameplay, Virtual GameStation is not a game.

Controls and Interface:

Easily beats out the interface that bleem! has with better configuration, options, and user friendly menus to choose from. Doesn't get much simpler than Virtual GameStation.


Unlike bleem!, Virtual GameStation was designed as a replacement for the Playstation and not an enhancer like bleem! was designed to be. Therefore, the compatibility of Virtual GameStation is far greater than bleem!'s.


For those who want high compatibility and don't have a powerhouse system, this is your PSX emulator of choice. It doesn't offer any extra features like enhanced graphics, but it's compatibility makes up for it. But keep in mind the price tag... at $49.99 it's a bit high.

Pluses (+)
  • Easy Installation
  • Good Sound and Compatibility
  • Minuses (-)
  • Price is a Bit High
  • No 3D Hardware Support
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    Added:  Saturday, July 22, 2000
    Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
    Page: 3/3

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