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Reviewed: Rogue Spear: Urban Operations
Author: Chris Kim       Date: May 9th 2000
Page: 3

Final Breakdown


Although not a whole lot has been added or improved in the game, the included items are excellent and standout excellently against the rest of the missions. The new defend game and great multiplayer maps make it an excellent choice for gamers who felt that the multiplayer portion of the game was slightly crippled. The Urban Operation campaign is very well designed and is very interesting to play.


Remaining unchanged from the original game, the game still has the same slightly dated look to it, especially with its blocky architecture. However, most of the textures and details used in the game are excellent, the models still look quite well done and the animations are still excellent. New dynamic weather effects are nice, although it can really bring the action to a crawl.

Sound and Music:

Some of the best music and sound effects are still found in this game. Almost authentic sound effects from the blazing guns and the distress calls and death cries from the players are great to listen to. The excellent communication between different squads is fun to play with. Although the music is sparse, between menus, the music is extremely intense and gets the player pumped up for the upcoming mission.


With eight new maps and the new defend gameplay mode, the multiplayer options have been improved significantly. Along with the new patches to the game, multiplayer performance across networks and on the internet has been greatly improved, making for a smooth mulitplayer game. The new interface is also friendlier on MOD authors.

AI and Difficulty:

Still the weakest part of the game, the AI is a significant hindrance of the game as a whole, it sometimes makes the player want to rip his hair out of his head and scream because of the logic lapses the AI somtimes has. Still, with various difficulty settings, the game's AI improves significantly and provides a much greater challenge because of the aggressiveness of the tangos.

Controls and Interface:

Great as always, the interface was always a strong point about the game. It is extremely well designed for both pros and novices to the game with user friendly keyboard layout and easy to use mouse control. Add in the pointer and auto aim aids, the game makes the first jump into Rogue Spear as friendly as any other game.


An excellent expansion pack that adds a lot of new gameplay additions that not a single Rogue Spear fan should be without, especially with a price tag of only $19.99, there is no excuse not to pick this one up. The new great campaign and tons of new multiplayer options, it tosses in a lot of great features that extends the life of this excellent game even further.

Pluses (+)
  • Solid Single Player Campaign
  • Quality Multiplayer Enhancements
  • New Defend Mode
  • Minuses (-)
  • AI is Still Lacking Intelligence
  • Slightly Dated Graphics
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    Added:  Tuesday, May 09, 2000
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 3/4

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