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Reviewed: Comand & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 21st 1999
Page: 3

Artificial intelligence is typically a bit on the stupid side. For instance, take this occasion when a Titan was coming up a ramp, and then starts shooting on a building, a infantry that is right next to the building doesn't even take notice of the building being attacked on until it is completely destroyed and the Titan starts to shoot the unit itself. More often than not, the AI involves just having stronger units than the player or having massive amounts of a certain type of strong unit to take care of all the units. The difficulty of the game is about right though, providing good challenge depending on the difficulty level, with options of Easy through Hard.

Snoops Around the City For?
Too Bad, So Sad
Hey, What a Cool Ship

Control and interface hasn't been improved much from the days of Red Alert which was released back in 1996, since then a lot of new refinements and additions have been made to major game engines and other real time strategy games which make them much more accessible. Staying true to the original Command & Conquer interface line, the side with buildings and units remains, click on a building to start construction on, and once it's finished just place and locate the building. Pretty simple task, however, it is sometimes a bit annoying to do so because the player has very little control over how the priority of credits is flowing to the construction of the building. Automatic queuing of building units is also a missing feature, so the player will have to check periodically if the units have been finished building, the maximum number of units that can be built at once is five, which is relatively low considering how fast some of the infantry units are built. Path finding is quite good and the units can follow a path well, the addition of way points is cool, although many players will just disregard this feature. Also, a lot of commands are hidden within the keyboard, so often, many options will be forgotten, such as rally points.

What is That?
Titan Rampage

The graphics for the most part are quite pleasing and amusing. The landscapes and terrain are beautifully rendered, providing an excellent form of realistic line of sight. Trees can be burned down, ground can be dented and blow up with holes, and bridges can be destroyed completely. Those are just some of the greatest features about this engine is the destroyable and deformable terrain. The lighting effects and explosions are very well done too. Ambient lights provide a realistic overpass onto various terrain to feel them as unique objects rather than just colored objects. One downfall of the graphics, however, are the units. For the most part, many of them are smallish and hard to see. Most of the infantry units are so small that they appear as smallish pixels running around. The animations are sometimes very sluggish, clunky, and unfluid. The larger units, though, are more realistic and have a nicer range of animations which make them look better and seem more realistic. The FMV movies are very nice with convincing graphics and excellent storyline.

Hovering Infantry? What the? Cool!
Lots of Destruction

Previous Command & Conquer games have proven to be very good in the sound department. However, this time around there is a huge disappointment in this category. Most of the music found in this game are uninspired, lacking in life, and just remixed songs from the Red Alert soundtrack which everyone has already heard before. The music doesn't seem to get the blood flowing enough to get the player readily into the environment. The sound effects on the other hand are also quite bland, nothing really special in terms of explosions or death cries. Just commonly heard sound effects which don't make a quite convincing effect either way. On the good side of things, the voice acting of the FMV movies are excellent, unit speech is not very good, and they get extremely repetitive after a while.

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Added:  Tuesday, September 21, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/4

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