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Reviewed: Comand & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Publisher/Developer: Westwood Studios
Genre Type: Real Time Strategy
Price: $49.95
Required System: P166, 32mb Ram, 2mb Videocard, 130mb HD, Win95+
Reviewer's System: PII300, 64mb Ram, TNT, Win98
Related Games: C&C: Red Alert
ESRB Rating: Teen - Realistic Violence, Realistic Blood, Mild Language
Overall Rating:
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 21st 1999
Page: 1

Game Overview:

Players and fans alike have come to expect a lot of great things from Westwood, a company that has proven to be a vital player in the industry of real time strategy. Past products such as Dune, the original Command & Conquer, and also Command & Conquer: Red Alert have proven to become classics and are still played to this day because of various parts of the game which made them revolutionary. How in the world could Westwood follow up to such a huge success that Red Alert was? Blizzard did very well with their game Starcraft which was a huge success as a follow up to their hugely popular Warcraft II. Simply put Westwood could not make an excellent follow up to Red Alert. The game was extremely hyped up to be possibly the most revolutionary real time strategy game, however, this market hype was killed the day the game hit the shelves. The game was a major disappointment to many gamers alike. But, one should not lose faith, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is by all means, not a bad game.

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Added:  Tuesday, September 21, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 1/4

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