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Reviewed: South Park Rally
Author: Chris Kim       Date: February 4th 2000
Page: 3

How can either multiplayer or AI be described? Extremely poor, while lag or any other issues in multiplayer might not be an issue, finding somewhere or anyone to play with will be a burden in itself, let alone let one exposed to the torture of this game, this is because the multiplayer is supported only over a LAN! As stated before, the AI is the most unforgiving and unfair AI routines programmed in a game before. Not only do AI units drive every race nearly perfectly, but also the weapon effects are microscopic to zilch. Because of this excessively "smart" AI, the game is extremely frustrating and unnecessarily difficult. Anther huge flaw (how about that?) is that not all racers and tracks are available early in the game. So players must build up this rankings by defeating a championship in sequential order of races with a limit of five continues per game, also increasing the difficulty of the game by a wide margin. While it might be viewed as a challenge to some players, it will most likely just be a %@*# pain in the @$$ for most players.

Fart Boosts
Drive Kenny!
#@$& You Suck!

Being a console port, the game utilizes a cursor based menu system, which not too bad is a little less than great. The interface offers nothing innovative or special that makes the game any easier to use than any other game. Control is fine, nothing is blatantly wrong with it, although options and switches could be a little more intuitive. Into the sound department, similar to the show, lacks anything really special. While it does resemble the music and tone of the atmosphere of the show, the music will likely end up annoying even the most die-hard South Park fans as it just repeats without any real significance or importance. Sound effects, while pretty goofy as well, pretty much straight from the show, offer a pretty similar resemblance to the characters. Voice acting is pretty good and matches on par with the show.

Speed Limit?
Lookout Stupid Cow!
Water Treading

Graphically, the game offers little more than gameplay can. The 3D models and textures used in game are superior to that of the television show, but that isn't saying much. All the cardboard cutouts of the people, cars, objects, and buildings blend well into the game to recreate the South Park environment. Characters look like the show depicts them as and the actions are all there. Animations are decent, but nothing to really write about. Special effects, err... weapon things are pretty goofy looking, but usually do the job of getting across the point. Aside from that, the graphics are average.

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Added:  Friday, February 04, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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