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Reviewed: South Park Rally
Author: Chris Kim       Date: February 4th 2000
Page: 2

From the top of things, if one thing can be said about games that use commercial licenses of have usually proven to be a very weak strand of choices to structure a solid game upon. This has been proven true to nearly all licenses, Wild Wild West, Men in Black, Scooby-Doo, and other South Park games have shown that licenses of popular or wild TV or movies have been slouching. Perhaps South Park Rally is out to destroy this reputation of terrible license games or is it just another excuse to get fans of the particular show to go out and purchase it in hopes that they will still enjoy it?

Hello People
Don't Puke On Me!
Day In Town

The game itself takes a lot after Nintendo's Mario Kart in design and the way the game is played. Basically, gamers will choose from a set of the South Park characters, that have slightly different handling characteristics, but usually not enough to tell a difference, and then compete in a bowl to complete each of the races. The concept is pretty simple which has been tried and true. There are several locations and tracks that are varied and different in style, at points that is. At first, South Park Rally may seem like an enjoyable game, but the immediate reaction after playing just a few minutes reveal some of the most glaring and biggest problems ever seen in a game. First off, the game is unfairly unrewarding. No matter what the player does, even the slightest mistake in driving creates a major tide in racing standings. Players must drive on the course several times to memorize the track, then race over and over again to make sure that not the slightest mistake is made.

Going Somewhere Cartman?
Half of a Powerslide
A Little Poop!

Aside from the race modes, there are also some chicken or tag types of games where racers must grab a token then run around the track points, avoiding being hit by any racers or weapons. While this might sound fun, the AI is so incredibly flawed and unfair that the game makes the player enraged in anger and frustration. Another factor that contributes to the extreme frustration level is the extremely useless weapons against computer opponents. While the weapons affect the player with corresponding power, the computer seems to rebound and recover from player issued attacks unexpectedly quickly. Each weapon does has something that makes it unique and interesting to see, however. Each of the weapons have some extremely sick and demented theme to them, usually making them funny. However, this funny is not for the light of heart, as the weapons follow a lot in the manner of the twisted comedy of the television show. Such weapons as whores(!), dildos, and vomiting show the adult oriented content in the game.

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Added:  Friday, February 04, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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