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Reviewed: Slave Zero
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 26th 1999
Page: 3

There is no multiplayer game, which is a huge bummer. Huge LAN feasts with tons of guys playing in the internet waiting to cream each other would have been killer. Unfortunately, that is not possible, not even on the same computer. Hopefully, maybe a patch will resolve this issue in the future.

There are three different difficulty settings, but there doesn't seem to be much difference between the difficulty settings. The AI of the opponents seems to be the same and they attack and move with the same amount of speed and agility. The AI of the opponents is somewhat of a mixed bag, usually the AI is a superstar and will play almost as well as the player himself with various strafe moves, avoiding rockets with jumps or side strafes, and the opponents can attack with the same amount of diligence and strategy towards the player with tactics. While other times, the opponent will be very clumsy and just run right into the line of fire and be destroyed. Other times, the opponenet will get stuck on the wall and just keep on pursuing the player and firing into the wall. The difficulty of the game is slightly easy, however. The game isn't too long with only fifteen missions, which is a bit of a bummer. The only slight problem is with a few of the boss characters, which can get to be frustrating at times.

The Brutus is Here
Destroyed Buildings

Controlling the character is a cinch, just like any other first person shooter game. Use the keyboard to move and use the mouse to navigate. At first, the controls will take a little getting used to, but once that adjusting period is over, any player should be able to maneuver and shoot like any of the elite finest. Left mouse button is used to fire the regular pistol/rifle weapon and the right button is used to fire and rockets. Strafing is a cinch and running complex strafe, forward, and jump maneuvers at the same time are snap with the buttons all configured in a simple to reach manner in the same area. A first person camera is also available for players who like that angle better than the typical third person camera. Although, making jumps might be a bit more difficult.

The interface is extremely simple to use and to get into. Menus are clean, simple, and the game is fast loading. The installation size of the game is also relatively small at only about 135mb.

Tomorrow Doesn't Exist
More Air Than Air Jordan
Rockets Missed

Encompassing the hype of the game prior to game launch was the acclaim for the graphics engine used in the game, the Ecstasy Engine, which was destined to provide the most impressive graphics and intense action. While one part of that statement is true, the groundbreaking and shattering technology the Ecstasy engine is not. While the graphics aren't revolutionary, the graphics are respectable and can stand on their own feet compared to most other graphics on the market. What the engine does provide is a very smooth and well animated set of graphics with a good frame rate even when the action gets very intense. The engine supports the largest range of graphical features, even bump mapping. Although the bump mapping isn't used to the greatest use, the bump mapping does affect how Slave Zero looks, the shadowing and cracks on the outside really prove something, how effectively bump mapping can be used. Textures for the most part are pretty well used and aren't over used. The surrounding environment isn't something that would be written greatly about, but the enemy models used is. The graphics used to depict the enemies are excellent. The animations are smooth and look very realistic. Because the graphics engine was designed to draw large objects, the weakness is shown when the smaller people and cars are drawn in. The scale is relatively accurate, but the objects just don't look too impressive. A majority of the textures used are just flat and uninspired. The special effects like fire and explosions are decent. Fire and explosions don't look the most inspired or impressive.

The graphics engine is very scalable working on even relatively slow machines and working beautifully on fast machines. The special features supported are a great plus and the resolution is supported very high with 32-Bit color rendering support. The cutscenes in the game are even rendered ingame using the polygonal characters.

First Person
Hop Scotch
Down In the City

The musical score used in the game is an upbeat techno style rhythm which fits the futuristic feel of the game quite well. The music gets more intense as battle rages on with boss characters. The sound effects for the most part are decent, it's not something that is gonna blow the socks off of the player, but they do provide a decent set of sound effects. The explosions and gun rattling effects are the most common sound effects to fill the air. When trucks and cars are destroyed and humans leave the cars and enter the street, when they enter near Slave Zero, players will be able to hear a faint scream for help, which is cool. The voice acting, is average. The game also supports 3D API's with support for EAX, DS3D, A3D, and other popular 3D API's.

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Added:  Friday, November 26, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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