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Reviewed: Slave Zero
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 26th 1999
Page: 2

Gamers might be familiar with all of the hype surrounding Slave Zero, the newly released third person action shooter game that puts the player in the role of Slave Zero, a stolen prototype robot from the family of slave robots. The game was hyped up to be one of the most intense and fun action games of the year with extreme fights and action packed gun tootin' action. The slaves that the player is in control of are over sixty feet tall and bear a very tall resemblance to how small and puny opposing humans look. The role of the Slave is to go around and save the world from the destruction of the tyrannical emperor who is putting the future of mankind at stake with his new breed of Slaves that will bring ruin to the earth. Then a group of rebels have stolen the first ever Slave, the most powerful one, and Chan has merged with the Slave becoming Slave Zero. In control of Slave Zero, Chan must accomplish several tasks in order to save mankind.

Bye Bye
Look at Me! I'm Bumpy!
Hated Spiders

A large portion of the game follows the lines of being a Japanese Anime style and tasteful game. The animations, graphics, and characters all depict Japanese qualities, even the signs on walls and buildings are written in Japanese! That does not, however, mean that the game is in Japanese. The game is purely American, which one can tell from the style of gameplay that is involved. The game is completely action based with little bits and pieces of storyline tossed in for good measure. The gameplay is quite easily described as a more agile Quake 3 Arena game. Players get to control the sixty foot robot, Slave Zero and lead him around destroying and demolishing everything he needs to while attempting to save the world.

The game consists of fifteen levels spread across several different locations. But the main objective is to climb the large seven mile toward and to fight the last boss and protect mankind. The various levels have a similar feel to them and design is pretty straight forward. Players must push on forward in the somewhat maze looking zones to accomplish their various tasks laid before them. The designs of the levels are not too complicated and usually consist of various up and down climbs while attackers pursue Slave Zero. At the end of each mission are bosses, which will be discussed later.

More Spiders!?
Splish Splash
No Jetpack for You

The gameplay is simply having the character go around destroying and demolishing enemy Slaves, robots, and other mechanical hazards that Slave Zero may come upon. To do this dirty job, Slave Zero has nine different arsenal weapons, which he can choose from. There are three classes of weapons, three weapons in each. There is the standard issue magazine bullets, a energy powered gun, and rockets. The various weapons have their advantages and disadvantages. The regular ammo based guns have three styles of guns, from the basic automatic hand gun, to the rifled automatic machine gun, all the way to the all out machine gun that fires at a insanely fast rate. The energy powered guns are the weapons that run on energy providing a blast of energy capsules. The first weapon is a simple cock and shot weapon with slow reaction time. The second gun has a more powerful impact, but again, slow reload times. The last gun is the most powerful of the bunch, but a very long load time. The rockets are simply missiles. The first missile is a weak rocket without any guidance. The next rocket is a more powerful missile, and has a guidance system. The last missiles is the mother of all rockets with a double edged firing splitting zone.

Enemies in the game are varied and are very cool. Many of them are just like Slave Zero with similar looking shapes and bodies, but are inferior in design and weapon loadout. There is also a spider type Slave that has various types of weapons attached. Some of them will have machine guns, while some of them have walking bombs equipped. Each of the Slaves seem to have assignments as to what types of attacks they are supposed to do and have. Rocket launchers will always stay at a distance and attack at a safe distance while fighters are usually equipped with rifles and will come barging in like there is no tomorrow. The boss characters are really something to take a look at. There are great variety of bosses at the end of each level. Some bosses are simply large carriers with tons of other smaller units on board ready to be launched while other bosses are real large massive enemies with lots of unique and strong weapons to destroy Slave Zero with.

Huge Dude...
No More
Kneel Down!

Combat mainly consists of firing the gun repeatedly at the target and launching rockets while running circle strafes and jumping up and down. This may sound boring, but the large and massive scaled battles that are in Slave Zero are simply astonishing in how much fun the battles really are. More often than not, battles will have six to seven guys on the screen at once battling it out with Slave Zero to destroy him. Massive amounts of movement forward, to the left, and jumping at the same time are some very good evasive maneuvers while firing both the rifles and rockets at the same time. These battles can get quite intense and adrenaline pumping.

Buildings can be destroyed with the fire of a weapon or some other crash collision. Of course, not all buildings can be destroyed this way. Buildings that give a red signal when the crosshair crosses over them signify a destructible structure. The way that the game designed is that several structures will have to be destroyed in order to progress on. Some really unique features that really are cool is the ability to grab and throw objects, Slave Zero can pick up cars, debris, and people and just chuck them across the city into walls, other objects, or even opponents. Slave Zero can also stomp really hard on the ground creating a major crack in the ground and sending anything near it onto the ground or be destroyed.

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Added:  Friday, November 26, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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