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Reviewed: Sim Theme Park
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 23rd 1999
Page: 3

Technically there really isn't a multiplayer game, but there is an option to connect online to the Bullfrog server and "trade" parks showing the most successful parks and being able to ride and explore their rides. Also included is a camcorder snapshot feature that allows the player to take a snapshot of the game and then send it as a postcard to someone over email. That online feature really is something unique and cool that should give some extra longevity to beat the better parks online and get some ideas on how to build.

AI is somewhat difficult to describe, as the game doesn't have any direct AI. All of the intelligence is indirectly controlled by the attendees of the park. The kids will think and react to certain situations depending on how the current situation is in the park. They will have thoughts on the brain of being tricked or deceived, happy or unhappy, or icky feeling because of the dirtiness of the park. Whatever the situation is, the happiness of each of the people will differ and will directly affect how well the park will do in gaining money.

On the other hand, staffers also have a happiness level. With their work conditions, if they get to rest often, get paid enough, or if they are just content with their job.

Up... Down...
Super Coaster
Super Duper Coaster

Getting the controls is a snap. Just use the mouse and click away, then it's set. The most attractive feature of Sim Theme Park aside from riding the player's own rides, is probably the simple interface to build rollercoasters, design rides, and customize any aspect of the game. Camera angles can be rotated and zoomed in with the simplicity of the arrow keys. There are also hotkeys for actions that will be repeated over and over like building options.

One of the cooler parts of the interface of the game, is how warnings are integrated right into the interface. If something important or special is happening in the park, a warning sign will alert the user of something happening with a description and location of the event.

Another great feature is the extra help or helper guy in the right side of the corner screen that always gives advice and tidbits on how to build a better park or make something more successful. It works sort of like the way the paperclip works in Word.

Down the Isles
Simple and Slow Ride
Customize the Ride

The game takes advantage of 3D Acceleration and the results are respectable. The graphics aren't horrible, but they aren't revolutionary. They are right in the middle in terms of quality. Most of the textures are clean, but some can be a bit misaligned and some are rather grainy. But for the most part, the graphics are good. The color palette used in the game has a very bright wide range of colors with tons of life and vivid color to the various shapes in the game. The game can render up to 800x600, which is a bit tight, but it works. The rather low polygon count of the game tends to give various shapes a blocky look and feel, but that doesn't really distract from the detail of the ground and other ride entrances that have much more detail put into them. The animations are fairly smooth and decent looking as well. There are a few clipping problems with people going through the wall, but that isn't too common. The most common gripe, however, are the extremely flat textures for which the people inside the rides are drawn in with.

Track Construction... 1, 2, 3.
Franklin Woulda Been Proud
Data Progress

For earcandy, the game is quite suiting. The game doesn't over do on sounds, but fills the air with a nice background music that isn't too repetitive. The songs aren't exactly sticking material, but they will keep the environment nice enough to where the music is pleasant. The sounds that fill the air are mostly of ambient noises of kids chattering, water splashing, coasters zooming, that kind of thing.

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Added:  Tuesday, November 23, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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