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Reviewed: Septerra Core
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 26th 1999
Page: 3

There is one difficulty level in Septerra Core, and the difficulty of the game is not too hard. But the difficulty level of the game is enough to keep players busy for a while, the average play time will range from forty to eighty hours of play time. As the game grows on, the difficulty will increase at an appropriate pace in accordance to how the player grows in strength and ability. There really isn't much in terms of artificial intelligence of the foes as they just attack with their weapons and various abilities trying to destroy the player. The main task of difficulty comes from the battles, where various enemies will launch attacks on them. Overall, the game will be a fair challenge and tons of fun for gamers. The only slight downside of the game is due to the linearity of the game, the replay value and challenge is slightly hurt.

Undead Splatters
Fire Hell Burns
The Snowy Alps

Controlling the character is a cinch, the gamer will only need the mouse as the sole control mechanism of the game. The interface is well structured for mouse control. The control involves clicking on the map to move the player with a walk, double clicking the location will make the player run to the location. Holding down the mouse button for movement will keep the player in constant motion towards a location. In combat, when the player feels that a character is ready to attack, the player will simply click on the portrait, select the ability to use, and then click on the appropriate player or enemy to use the technique. Talking with people is also simple using the mouse button click to ask a question or subject.

The interface used is very simple and clean. No console save spots is a great plus, the player may save their game at any given time. The battle system and talking menus are simple to use and navigate.

Sword Slash
Enemy Battle, Cool
Robotic Destruction

Graphical flair is a very strong point of the game. Despite being limited to a smallish 640x480 resolution and only supporting 16-Bit color, the graphics look simply beautiful. The color choice is very well done, the colors represent the various parts of the game in great detail and lively color. The game looks quite realistic and appropriate. The environment and backdrops are rendered beautifully. The textures are very clean, smooth, and have realistic bumps to them, unlike most 3D Accelerated games. The models used in the game for drawing characters are excellent, they are full of detail to the point and are very well animated. The animations are fluid, and looks quite impressive. The special effects like explosions and extra flairs look great. The effects like quite realistic and appropriate. The lighting effects are used to great effect, the shadow casting could use a bit of work, but for the most part works excellently. The overworld map is the only weakest part of the graphics, even though the map isn't horrible, it does bear a stark contrast in how well the other parts of the game look. But that does not detract from the overall beauty of the game. Cutscenes are very impressive and look well done. When talking with characters, the lips move almost in sync with the sound, which is impressive. All this is accomplished without the use of a 3D Accelerator, but it's a wonder how much the graphics could improve with 3D Acceleration.

Wrench Slap
Oh, Star Trek!
Hmm... Strip Clubs

Another slight downfall of the game is the lack of great soundtrack that makes so many other role playing games so great. The musical score from the Final Fantasy games are quite impressive and sound great. The only music that is consistent in Septerra Core is the battle music, which isn't quite memorable in itself. The sound effects are pretty good, with swords clanging, death cries, and rocket launches. There isn't much in the terms of ambient sound effects, but it works well enough. The voice acting of the characters for the most part are respectable.

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Added:  Friday, November 26, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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