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Rollercoaster Tycoon Review @ GU  

  Rollercoaster Tycoon Review @ GU
by Kyle
Graphics: 22.5/25
For a 2D game, this one has pretty nice graphics. One thing that would have been preferred would have been is more rolling landscape, instead of that lame old blocky, sharp terrain--such as rounded hills and the such. Also, when at 800x600 or lower, the rides and people can be a little on the blocky/fuzzy side.. but if you have a fast computer, they're all nice and clear at 1024x768.
Gameplay: 24/25
This game, like most simulation games, are very involving, and take up many, many hours of your precious time. And this is another one. When I first got the game, I played it non-stop for probably 3 - 4 days I think it was. The one thing that can really get on your nerves is how one aspect of the game is very UN-realistic--your rides are CONSTANTLY breaking down! I got so irritated with this, I downloaded a money trainer and hired 50 engineers, and that solved the problem. :)
Sound: 24/25
Nice sounds for this type of game. You can't expect those deep bass, shake your brains out sounds from a simulation game. They did a nice job on the ambient sounds though. Your always hearing your people chattering when zoomed in; you hear the click-click-click on rollercoasters, and other misc., sounds. I think this was very nicely done.
Interface: 24/25
Once again, nicely done. Everything is very easily accessible through the bar at the top of the screen as you can see in the screen shots. A nice feature of this is how small the bar is, which means you can see more of the game on your screen, than on many games which have huge interface bars all around the screen. It'll take you probably 5 minutes to figure out everything about this game--what the menu buttons do, how to set properties of rides, etc.

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Added:  Monday, May 17, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 3/5

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