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Reviewed: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Author: Chris Kim       Date: October 22nd 1999
Page: 3

Towards the multiplayer features of the game, the game is fully loaded with nine spare magazines available. Several game modes are available to play, including terrorist hunts, capture the hostage, and sniper battles. Each of the battles are extremely fun with tons of options and flags to choose between. Large battles of free for all team battles can get extremely fun, with lots of action of rummaging and having certain players located in certain positions give sudden surprises and blasts of death. Hunting down and attacking those fools can get quite exciting. The added element of team work, to work together to hunt down that last enemy can be very tense and nerve racking, especially if that last member of the opposing team is a sniper, hidden in a far away tower of some sort.

The various mulitplayer maps that are available to choose from have a very nice design and look out. Each having differing design and tastes. The single player missions that are in the game, are also available to be played in the multiplayer game. Even though the multiplayer game is extremely fun, there are horrible lag issues that resolve around the game. With internet multiplayer game options available through the Zone and MPlayer, connection options are not a problem. But the game is often way too bogged down by the slow latency problems and slow downs, which can ruin the experience, or make the game not playable at all. But on the plus side, Redstorm has released a great large patch, which address a large hunk of these latency issues.

Spy Style
The Feared SPAS-12 Rifle
He's In the Door, Clipping?

Referring to the artificial intelligence of the game, Rogue Spear is a bit of a disappointment. The AI is still rather dumb and clumsy. In the original Rainbow Six, the AI was abysmal, the AI has been greatly improved, but still far from great. Rather than being intelligent, the enemy is often too robotic and acts mechanical. The enemies just don't act human, they follow a set path, on which they are supposed to follow, and they follow that path like they are on a monorail track. The enemy won't detour of that position and they just roam continually, back and fourth on that one track. Their line of vision makes the enemies appear as if they are almost blind, or cross eyed at least. The enemies will run back and fourth, but unless the player is within 30m, the player won't be seen. Sometimes, the player will find that the enemies are running themselves into the wall and putting them right into to the line of fire. The opponent will not even notice if a player is walking right behind the enemy until it's too late. Another occasion, a terrorist was facing 90 to where the FBI unit was, and without even really noticing, the player would just shot the terrorist without a hitch.

Terms of control and interface, Rogue Spear is quite clean and easy to learn. The game has a pretty similar keyboard layout to a first person shooter, with using both keyboard and mouse simultaneously. Mouse rotates the player in a 360 degree fashion, with the first mouse button action as the fire button and the second mouse button acting as a run button. Various keyboard commands are given for movement and action sequences of the players, move keys are assigned to W, A, S, and D to form the shape of the normal arrow pad, with Q and E assigned to leaning over, C is assigned to crouch, and Z is assigned to change magazine, some of the most typical action buttons used in the game. The various extra keys assigned allow for power in being able to see an enemy first. The crouch is one of the most important aspects of the game to be used as stealth.

The game interface is easy to use, the menus work as they should and setting options are rather painless. Configuration of buttons are easily accessible in the options menu, as are a lot of other options that can be used to change the game. Many easy options such as the simple button assignments and finding data on the screen is a cinch.

Failed Missions Are Common
TV Pops Holes
Mission Editor

Using a revamped edition of the same engine used in the original Rainbow Six game, Rogue Spear still maintains a very realistic look and feel to it. The engine has been improved in a lot of ways, the most noticable difference are the cleaner textures. All of the textures used in the game have a much more smoothed, detailed, and fresh feel to it rather than the grainy and less detailed textures in the original game. The landforms and terrain is excellently rendered, maintaining a realistic color balance and structure. The polygons and textures that go into making the human models are quite impressive, the movements of the people are quite realistic and were well motion captured. The detail and motion in the facial area is one of the most facinating and greatest looking details ever. The detail that went into producing some of the objects were quite amazing, the airplane on Perfect Sword, was very well rendered and looked amazing. The added rain and snow details show off another great part of having a strong graphics to backup a great game. The graphics used to render all aspects of game do so in such a manner, that everything looks authetically real. There are no flashy colors that obscure the way it really should be, but maintain a realistic color balance of real life.

The graphics have a high level of adjustability with many settings to be turned on and off, the game can stretch in resolution anywhere from 320x240 upto 1600x1200! Running on a C450 and TNT videocard, and running smoothly at 1024x768 with full detail is quite amazing, expecting to see what many games require today.

Gun Editor! ;-)
Man Downed
Dead Man on a Rainy Day

Redstorm's games have always had very good musical scores and background music which accompany the game. And Rogue Spear is no exception, the music from the game help the player feel more intense and into the game. The soundtrack bears a strong resembelance to the music that is played from the movie Armageddon, which by all standards had some of the greatest and emotionally moving musical scores.

Sounds in the game are very high quality and have a very good accuracy to what the real sound effects should be. All the sound effects that fill the game are appropriate. The gunshots of each of the guns with according ammo, all have a different shot. The sounds of the guns are unique in their own way to have the feel of difference. The speech of the briefings are very well done and sound professional. The use of positional audio makes the experience more enjoyable, and even is very important to gameplay. Often, when standing below a plate, the sound effects of footsteps above will indicate an enemy walking away or going in an opposite direction. The pop of sound effects of glass shattering or enemies falling to the ground in death all have great sound.

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Added:  Friday, October 22, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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