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Reviewed: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Author: Chris Kim       Date: October 22nd 1999
Page: 2

If you've played original Rainbow Six before you know what to expect in this game. But if you are new to the world of Rainbow Six, here is what the game is all about. The player is in command of the elite force of SWAT force known as Rainbow. Because the player is in command of the force, all aspects of the game lie in the hands of the player. The game is best described as a first person shooter with the strategy and problem solving elements of an adventure/strategy game. The game is a very realistic and accurate picture of how real life SWAT action would go. All the elements of real life terrorists and weapon reaction kick back, and other elements really make Rogue Spear an excellent game. Aside from the apparent pretty graphics, slick sound, and controls, Rogue Spear is an excellent game in itself in terms of gameplay and multiplayer options.

Oye! Dead People on the Floor
Take the Weapon Layout
Making the Crucial Plan

On the storyline side of things, the game has very good execution and has a relatively well written and engaging storyline. The year is 2001, and the SWAT team known as Rainbow (which the player gets to control), is called to action. The world is being over run and controlled by terrorists. The world nation is addressing the huge problem of way too many civilians are being taken hostage and being killed. The situation is simple, send in team Rainbow to stop the world's terrorists to stop the world of terrorists.

The game may contain a simple base story, but the story unfolds in several small pieces in front of the player as the missions unfold and give way to the larger and bigger missions. Between each mission the game involves going through a crucial planning stage, which involves setting up the roster, weapon layout, and planning the route to following in the mission. All these parts of the planning phase are probably the most important part of the game, even more important than the action phase itself. Even if the best action player is stuck with the worst plan on a mission, that player is as good as dead. On the other hand, even if a horrible action player has an excellent plan and the best roster load out, that player is more likely to be successful on the mission. With that said, the planning can be either made by the player himself, or the default plan with roster can be used. Beginners may want to stick to the original head quarter's plan, but advanced players will most likely soup up their own plan to break into the mission. The missions are completely configurable in how the computer controlled teams will react and move. The mission editor is a very powerful tool, which can be used to give a path, on which to follow, perform various tasks, such as flashbanging rooms, and tell when to send players.

Haha, Pegged In the Head
Unsuspecting Terrorist
Follow Me General!

Unlike typical first person shooter games, this game is a realistic simulation of real life. Meaning, a player can't just run into a room with guns blazing and expect to not end up dead on the floor. That is a no no in the FBI, as one will find out very fast in Rogue Spear. The game is not a full blown, pump them full of lead, fast action paced game. Rather, careful movement and planning are required prior to each and every mission to be successful.

The game splits up the team into four teams, alpha, tengo, bravo, and delta. These code names are used to tell what squadrons to go and when. Each of the squadrons have a set path or way points to follow. En route to each of the way points, the specific team members are assigned speeds and methods of approach. The faster the unit moves, the faster they will reach the destination, but the more sound they make and they lose some coverage towards enemies. On the slower speeds, they will create less noise and will be able to survey the area more thoroughly, but they will get to their destination at snail speeds. Then each of the teams can be assigned various different methods of approaching a mission. The teams can take on the approach of Recon, Blitz, Assault, and Rescue, all of which are very different in the way they work. The different methods of approach are to how the team will attack and run.

The different roles that can be played by the player include assaulters, supporters, and snipers. All of the positions are rather unique and require different strategies. The assaulters are the commanders of each of the squadrons, they lead the path and take the group to the desired locations. The supporters are exactly that, they support the assulters by ridding of opposing enemies, clearing the path, and providing backup. Then there are the snipers, they just sit in a spot, and pick off enemies from a distance with a super zoom rifle.

Just Got His Ass Snipered
Popped in the Leg
Hey, 3rd Person!

In game, the action is very different. Each corner must be taken lightly, radar must be taken into consideration, correct weapons must be choosen, correct accessories must be choosen, and a various other set of tidbits must be looked over. Without the proper equipment, the mission is as good as dead. The missions involve a lot of careful moves and stealth. Because the game is a simulation, real world effects are here. One shot, and the player will be dead or severely wounded, creating large sounds will attract attention, and several aspects are brought into consideration.

Weapons wise, the game is loaded with lots of cool rifles, pistols, and extras. The main rifles, all are unique in their own ways and are ment for different purposes. The pistols are used as secondary weapons, with most of them equipped with silencers to be used in stealth. All the guns can be equipped with different types of ammo, the various ammo produce different types of bullet holes and attacks. The items that can be used all are very important to the success of several missions, items such as the flashbang are critical for stunning enemies or using a grenade in a tight room is quite effective of ridding enemies.

Mission design and the campaigns are extremely fun to play and well structured. There is an equal balance of variety in the missions, but one of the really standing out missions includes Perfect Sword, which takes place at an airfield, and a group of terrorists have taken control of an airplane. Rainbow must then storm the plane and save all the hostages.

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Added:  Friday, October 22, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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