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Reviewed: Re-Volt
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 29st 1999
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


One of the most fun and newest ideas in the world of racing, the RC racers are a fresh break from the traditional racing sims or police car chasing or running from cops. Sporting several different modes of play and styles of play, the fun will never stop. The game features 13 unique tracks upon which can be reversed or mirrored to make 50 different combinations to play each of the tracks. Also featured are 28 different cars, each with their own unique speed, acceleration, weight, transmission type, and wheel drive. The 13 tracks that are in the game each have very unique locations and are very well designed and laid out, albeit a little confusing at first. The physics are what really make the game standout, every move made in the game turns out to be a very possible and believable path. Moments of inertia will take a toll when making extremely sharp turns at high speeds and the car will flip over, unbalanced riding on the curb will lead to topples, things like that. The weapons in the game add a new level of challenge from each of the computer racers and superb AI adds a lot of flourish to the game's flair. The stunt game also is an unique challenge where the player must collect all 20 stars on a stunt course. Sounds easy, but the location of the stars will keep the player coming and coming back again.


Sporting some of the best looking graphics around, Re-Volt really has some great eye candy to look at. The most impressive feature are the amazingly rendered environments. From the seven locations, toy store, toytanic, neighborhood, museum, supermarket, botanical gardens, or wild west, all of the locations are rendered so realistically and cleaver, it makes one's mouth drop in awe. The reflections of the floor from the museum to the transparent glass in the toy store, everything looks spectacular. The screenshots depicted do not do justice for the graphics in the game. Amazing lighting effects and special effects from rockets blasting, bombs blowing up, electrical shock, or broken lamp lights all look very realistic and alive. The RC racers themselves are also extremely well animated, the antenna bobs like a real one would, the wheel motions are realistic, one of the most graphically exotic games created. There are a few woes though, the first problem is that there isn't too much detail going into creating small things such as water. The water is just a transparent bluish texture which doesn't even look like water. Other than that, the graphics are a true splendor.

Sound and Music:

With an extremely attractive sounding musical track, the mood in Re-Volt is a happy and gleeful one where the mood is set to be happy. With 14 unique musical scores during the game, the mood is set appropriately for every moment in the game. The sounds are all upbeat and up-tempo, the sound is just right. The sound effects, on the other hand aren't as nice as one would have liked, but they are satisfactory. The normal rocket blasts and engine sounds are here, nothing spectacular, but nothing bad.


Multiplayer is a fun to play, and is supported through the major connections available. The game is fun to play, and offers a new method of playing a game. With a lot of support of players to play, this tag game is pretty fun to play. A player will start out as the "it" car, and must hold the "it" status for two minutes while other cars try to tag that car and become "it", the player that holds the "it" status for the longest period of time (two minutes) is the winner. Then of course, the regular methods of play are available as well. But, there really isn't much in terms of multiplayer gaming.

AI Intelligence and Difficulty:

Being rather amazed by the way the computer played. The computer doesn't exactly play smart, but rather, the computer will play like a normal human player would. The computer makes all the same mistakes and will also make all the smart moves a normal human player would. The computer will wait in a given position to blast someone with a rocket, computer will blow up on fake volts, and the computer will also try methods of winning such as cutting the player off and other players as well. Round and round, the computer AI is quite well balanced between being dumb and smart. One grip, however, is that there are no real difficulty settings, there are Junior RC, Console, Arcade, and Simulation modes which have a greater effect on the physics of the game, such as collisions, but nothing more.

Controls and Interface:

Having a very console feeling interface, there is a bit of room for improvement, but the interface is very good, slick, and easy to get from place to place. The game controls are very easy to learn and easily configured from the menus in the game. Switching options and modes within the game are also a cinch with little hassle. The load times are on the light side and don't carry much hassle. The controller is best played with a hand held steering wheel, but a gamepad or keyboard will work just fine. The sensitivity might be a little high, so a little tweaking might be required.


With all the unique elements in the game and sporting many unique gameplay features/options, spectacular graphics, great soundtrack, smooth control, and respectable AI, Re-Volt is easily one of the most innovative, coolest, and fun racing titles to arrive in a long time.

Glide Underground Editors Choice Award
Pluses (+)
  • Top Notch Physics
  • Tons of Fun, Varied Gameplay
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Good Difficulty
  • Nice Soundtrack
  • Simple and Easy Control/Interface
  • Minuses (-)
  • Some Might Find it Frustrating
  • Track Editor is Useless
  • Multiplayer Could Have Been Better
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    Added:  Wednesday, September 29, 1999
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 4/5

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