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Reviewed: Re-Volt
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 29st 1999
Page: 3

The artificial intelligence in Re-Volt was surprisingly great. Often, in racing games it is not uncommon for the computer opponents drive like a realistic and believable human driver would control a car. Errors and mistakes are made often by the computer opponents and will also use the same tactics as a human driver most likely would. One of the AI skills that really is unique and great about this game, however is the phenomenal physics engine. This of course has a direct impact on how difficult or easy the game is. This game has probably one of most realistic and lively physics seen in a game of its caliber. The game is quite difficult, and unfortunately, does not contain any difficulty level changing. There is a physics level changer, but does not fit as a suitable difficulty changer.

And Your Here, In My Heart and, My Heart...
Launch It!

Offering a very simple to use control and menu based interface, getting from one place to another is simple, quick, and easy. The control was a little dicey at first, but after a little tweaking and twiddling with the deadzone on the gamepad within the game options, control became smooth and extremely well playable on a Sidewinder Gamepad.

Bah! Help Me!
Slew Me Upside Down
Riding the Wall, USA

Easily some of the most impressive graphics seen on the PC yet to date even without pushing the limits of current hardware, and even last generation hardware (RIVA TNT 3D Accelerators included). The lighting effects, reflective surfaces, ambient lighting, rendered backgrounds, and car models are all done extremely well and give vibrant life to the game. With support for even the highest of resolutions and 32-Bit True color modes, the game looks phenomenal in 32-Bit resolution with even more vibrant color and shimmer. The environments are what really make the game stand out from the rest of the crowd. The graphics are so lush and vibrant and almost make the player want to cry out and be in the environment because it looks so authentic. The Museum and Toy Store levels really show off the graphics engine in Re-Volt the best with most use of lighting and reflective surfaces. The only problem with the graphics is how the water looks so bland and unlife like. The water is just a transparent layer of textures, no movement, nothing.

Half Pipe Anyone?
Hello Complexity
Anyone for a Dip?

Sporting a kick ass soundtrack, the up-tempo beats and swings of the typical racing genre are here. Each environment has its own unique racing music with different tones and styles. The sound effects, on the other hand aren't as well refined and nice as it could have been, but they are quite adequate for what the game requires.

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Added:  Wednesday, September 29, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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