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Reviewed: Re-Volt
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 29st 1999
Page: 2

Possessing a very unique concept on hand, the world of RC racing really hasn't been touched upon too much in the world of PC gaming. But the developers of the game, Acclaim London, decided to take a unique approach. What is the result? A near perfect reincarnation of the real world RC racing with great accuracy and a game which is tons of fun to play. First thing off, the most original concept about the game is how the game actually has the player being in the role of the radio controlled cars themselves. Backed by a large array of tracks and cars to play with, and combining various ways to play, Re-Volt is sure to entertain.

Get Ready...
Dang, Didn't Qualify

Offering several different types of play modes, Re-Volt really offers a ton of replayability. Featuring 13 unique tracks, set in 7 different locations, tons of innovative ideas, and plenty of fun to be had. From the 7 exotic locations, Museums, Toy Stores, Botanical Gardens, Neighborhoods, Wild West, Supermarket, and Toytanic, tons of variations came be made to make the tracks different. The tracks can be reversed or mirrored and give a total of 50 different racing combinations to make a unique racing experience. The racing style can be customized in how much the real world physics affect the car, anywhere from the 4 physics levels of Junior RC, Console, Arcade, or Simulation racing models. The different racing methods each providing a totally different level of difficulty. The typical racing modes are here, single race, championship, and time trial. Also here are practice modes and the stunt course. The stunt mode is a rather unique racing experience where the player drives around a car and collects 20 stars scattered around the course, which is designed specially for collecting the stars. Sounds easy, but the case is not true. The track designs themselves are excellent. Each of the tracks offer a ton of variety among the locations with varying speed, bumps, and jumps. Some of the really cool track designs such as the Toy Store and Museum tracks really make the game shine. With the great combination of circular intersecting trails and fantastic array of shortcuts, the game offers great playability.

When I Roll Into the Wild Wild West...
Train in the Path?
Am I Falling Down?

The game itself, is a ton of fun to play. If familiar with how the Mario Kart games are played on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 consoles, Re-Volt maintains a similar feel to it. The same features are almost here, weapon power-ups to attack other racers with. Each of the weapons have their own unique reaction and function which hinder the opponent's racing on some way. One of the coolest weapons have to be the Mighty Star, which in effect is a lot like the lightning bolt in Mario Kart, which when used affects all racers in the map (except for the user) with a shock, which in turn will stop all racers temporarily. The game also featuring a lot of cool weapons and special effects, also has a one of a kind physics system. Every single move and reaction that occurs in the world of Re-Volt is something that is believable. From the realistic traction feeling of the tires to the realistic collisions between cars and walls, the physics are extremely believable. The antenna bobs like a real antenna would in a race in movement. Quick and sharp turns will give moments of inertia when the car will topple over, things like that really make the game feel realistic.

Kitchen to Outside
Shouldn't I Get Shocked?
Yeah, First Place!

For multiplayer features, the game offers the same type of game options that are available in single player, with the addition of a tag game. This tag game is played a bit like the smear the queer game in football. Everyone in the arena will have to "tackle" or "tag" the player that has the "it" status, and run around with the longest period of time without getting tagged and holding on to the "it" status. Other than that, the multiplayer game leaves a bit to regular racing styles.

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Added:  Wednesday, September 29, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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