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Reviewed: Razer Boomslang, 2000dpi model
Author: Michael "" Ahlf       Date: December 22nd 1999
Page: 3

Quake 2 turned out to be a dream. The Razer mouse made it somewhat difficult (in the beginning) to execute rocket jumps, but that went away with practice. Once I had adjusted to the mouse, it was surprising the difference the sensitivity could make. With the Quake 2 sensitivity turned to the point where my normal mouse took recentering merely to complete a 180-degree turn, the Razre mouse let me run around with impunity. It was especially deadly with the Railgun, as my shots were more on target owing to the sharpness and smooth motion of the mouse. The machine gun was improved almost as much, as I could keep people targeted with the improved motion control. Bottom line: the mouse is a rail gunner's dream, but won't help as much if you're used to the Rocket launcher or Grenade launcher.

Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament demos were much the same as above: the improved targeting of the mouse was incredibly helpful.

Mechwarrior 3 and Heavy Gear 2 (robot sim Genre): See above, the same as always is true -- the targeting with this mouse just can't be beat.

StarCraft and Age of Empires 2 (RTS Genre): This was great. I was able to scroll, select, and use units at hyperspeed using the mouse. So far no problems anywhere.

CAD-style drafting programs: my trials for this part were Visio 4 and Electronics Workbench. Both were fantastic, and the sensitivity of the mouse meant MUCH less correction of things I had done before. I was on target much more of the time, and had the tool I wanted the first time when clicking around.

Microsoft Excel was equally fun with the new mouse: even given that it's a database I found the menu navigation and manipulations to go more quickly when I was able to fly over the screen and be sure of where my mouse was going to.

As one could see from the above, the mouse is for more than just gaming -- graphically-oriented programs worked well too. Fundamentally, the idea of a higher-resolution mouse just makes sense, within the confines of reason. As it turned out, there was only one thing wrong with the mouse.

The scroll wheel of the Razer mouse is just barely out of comfortable reach for some people's fingers. Trying to hold the mouse further up became uncomfortable. In the end I reached a compromise: only when reading something would I shift my hand over to use the scroll wheel. If you have longer fingers, this may have no bearing on your usage, but the one piece of advice I can give to all prospective buyers is that those who rely on the scroll wheel for in-game functions are going to be left out in the cold by the Razer Boomslang.

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Added:  Monday, December 20, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 3/4

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