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Reviewed: Pentium 200mhz
Author: Torsten Daeges       Date: November 28th, 2000
Page: 2

Damn Those Consoles

Before the coming of the Pentium, hard-core gamers were forced to buy console systems. Houses with computers and Nintendo and Sega systems were everywhere. Intel saw this atrocity, and knew that this had to be stopped. The gaming crown WOULD be wrestled away from these non-PC products. It would be tough, Intel knew that, but they would TRY!


One of the greatest processors ever to grace the computer scene with its presence, the Pentium indeed did steal the gaming crown from the consoles. Sure we had our Commander Keens, and our Dooms, but the consoles had Mario, and Sonic! How can you possible compete with a little Italian man who climbs into sewer pipes and a blue hedgehog that can go faster than the roadrunner on steroids? Quite simply, you can't.

The Coming of the Savior

When the Pentium came onto the scene, the PC gaming industry was going down steadily. Nintendo and Sega were mocking PC users for the inept games that existed on the PC. We had no little Italians. We had no blue adrenaline-pumped critters doing loop-de-loops. The Pentium changed all that. With the coming of the Pentium, came the Emulator.

Utilizing its 8k of onchip L1 cache and 16k of external L2 cache, the Pentium allowed the PC to emulate a NES, or a Genesis, or almost any other system that could run Mario or Sonic (or even OTHER games, for that matter... such is the awesome power of the Pentium). The Pentium's 66mhz FSB kicked the crap out of snail-speeded consoles. The PC was on its way to becoming the gaming platform of choice, and that it became, with flying colors. All hail the 0.35 micron Pentium!

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Added:  Tuesday, November 28, 2000
Reviewer:  Torsten Daeges
Page: 2/6

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