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Reviewed: Nox
Author: Chris Kim       Date: March 12th 2000
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


The single player portion of the game is extremely enjoyable. With three separate campaigns for each of the character classes in the game, it takes a while for each of the single player games to be exhausted. Only problem is that each of the campaigns are a bit short. The innovative spells and skills of each of the classes make for a completely different and unique experience with each character played. New features such as the TrueSight system and interactive environments makes the game so much different and more fun than other games in the genre.


Excellently designed graphics add to the feeling of being in the environment. The top-down perspective adds great looking textures, lighting effects, sprites, and animations. Everything that is on-screen is a pleasure to look at and for the most part the game handles most effects quite well. It was amazing to see that the game doesn't even use 3D Acceleration for any help in graphics. The technical portion of the engine works very well too, the wide range of resolutions and switches to enhance performance are great.

Sound and Music:

Very clear and crisp sound effects add plenty to the overall feeling of the environment. The usage of stereo panning from speaker to speaker adds plenty of feeling of realism while not utilizing too much CPU power. Voice acting is solid and sounds good. The soundtrack sounds great and deserves plenty of praise, it might not be award winning, but it's never bad to listen to.


Multiplayer portion of the game is simply unbelievable. Every game thinkable is here from deathmatching to capture the flag. Unlike most other games in the genre that simply allows dungeon hacking, the game actually has major focus on playing versus or as a team against others as if the game were a first person shooter. The only slight flaw is the lack of cooperative dungeon hacking that some traditional players may long for.

AI and Difficulty:

While it might not be the most impressive AI or difficulty balance seen in a game before, the AI is respectable. All of the enemies will attack and move when it is most appropriate. Their ability to move and attack in groups is also fun to see. Some slight quirks with movement and pathfinding are something to improve upon, but for the most part the AI is solid. The difficulty level is pretty standard, the game can easily be beaten with plenty of balance; only the lack of adjustable difficulty may distract some gamers.

Controls and Interface:

Almost everything in the whole interface is excellent from the inventory management to controlling the player. The use of several hotkeys with simple drag and click hotkey configurations is an added plus. Movement of the character with the mouse is far superior to the point and click function in Diablo. Only slightly cumbersome part of the controls is the difficult combat scheme that makes the player run around with the mouse clicking repeatedly.


Quite easily the best action role-playing game since Darkstone that should easily tide many gamers over with its unique features and strong dominant storyline. Combined with several other key elements, Nox may possibly be the game that action role-players have been craving for, even if it isn't Diablo II. Add in the TrueSight system, excellent multiplayer options, and great single player game, Nox is a winner.

Pluses (+)
  • Great New Features
  • Great Graphics
  • Breathtaking Soundtrack
  • Minuses (-)
  • No Cooperative Multiplayer
  • Very Minor AI Issues
  • Combat Slightly Tedious
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    Added:  Sunday, March 12, 2000
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 4/5

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