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Reviewed: NFL Blitz 2000
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 25th 1999
Page: 3

The multiplayer options in NFL Blitz 2000 are limited to a simple four person connection on the same computer. This option is a ton of fun, especially in the tournament mode. The aspect of being next to the player's buddies and actually taunting them with physical and verbal smacks, gives the game the true arcade feel. The only pains are the lack of external options beyond same computer multiplay action. There are no internet play options or even modem options. That is a real bummer because it would have been an excellent feature to see players play over the internet or modem.

The challenge that is put up by the computer is very strong and is even adjustable. There are three difficulty settings, easy, medium, and hard. The easy setting might be for just about every casual gamer. The setting should give a fairly well challenge. The opponents really aren't as tightly defended or play difficult offense, the patterns they are run are the simpler and more easily guarded plays. As the difficulty increases, the computer gains intelligence and their offensive and defensive skills are boosted. On the higher difficulty levels, the computer will learn from the mistakes it made in earlier in the game and will usually recover by making some great plays. The computer will gain knowledge of how the player runs their offense and will grab a sense of what player the ball will go to and usually make a better called play. Interceptions will result more as will sacks or loss of yardage. The medium difficulty will be were a lot of gamers will play at, giving an adequate balance between difficulty and clumsiness. The hard difficulty is for the Blitzaholics, those that are masterly gods at the game. It gets so difficult at that level, that just about every pass thrown is intercepted, every tackle made is a loss of ten yards or more, and every play the computer scores is first down.

Dance Time
Sumo Lessons
And a 1

The controls in the game are obviously simple and easy to learn being an arcade port. Any control device can be used, but a joypad or gamepad are optimal in this game. The Microsoft Gamepad was used in testing, and the results were fantastic. The gamepad provided responsive maneuvers, quick turns, and fast timed passes. The keyboard, albeit a bit less optimal for input, still works quite effectively as only three buttons are used. One new feature that is quite nice, but probably won't be used by experienced Blitz players is the one touch passing mechanism where players only have to press one button and will automatically throw to the corresponding receiver. That way, the cursor blinking won't give away which player the ball will be thrown to.

The interface is simple to use and navigate, although it was designed and refined for a console interface. A mouse driven interface would have been nice, but the interface works. The only major gripe about the interface used in this year's version of Blitz over last year's version is the difficult to use customization of controllers. The configuration uses some confusing button setup where the player must click the button they want to switch and also switch all other buttons at the same time.

Dusty Sumo
Oh, My Back
Put Your Hands Up!

Graphical quality of the game is right up to par with the arcade version of the game. The graphics textures are very clean and colorful, maintaining that arcade feel. The grass looks quite impressive, much improved over last year's grass effects. The dirt used in one of the stadiums looks like real dirt. The models used in the game are nice, even though they are a bit blocky. The players are very well animated and are very smooth. The bone crushing tackles, passes, and crunches in the game are very smoothly animated. The weather effects used are quite well used and expressed. As the game continues on, the field degradation gets worse and looks quite well with it. The murky brown color kicks in. The stadium models are excellent looking and have a unique feel to them. They look much better than the stadium used in the previous year's game (even though it's here as well). The resolutions, can be pumped up either very small or large in either 16-Bit or 32-Bit color. With proper hardware, the graphics will look quite stunning and excellent looking.

All of the colors and team logos used in the game are accurate and look appropriate. The helmet flying and bone crushing hits on field of the players look great as well. The shadowing, might not be noticed very much at all, but work quite effectively and accurately. The only gripe about the graphics engine though is how the game is a little bit sluggish at times. Usually, the frame rate is fluid and silky smooth, but once in a while the game will slow down and get a bit choppy. Usually in the beginning of the game, later in the game, this is not much of a factor at all. But on a slower system, the results may vary.

He's On Fire!
Umm Umm, Can't Argue With That
Ugh, Man Down!

Sound is a pretty big factor in the game. The bone crushing smashes and skull cracking poundings are all part of the full experience. The game offers EAX support for 3D Sound, but there really isn't much EAX can do for this type of game. The play by play announcer just gives an added feel of, "Oh that's gotta hurt" extra punch. The passing and catching sounds really are unique in their high pitch and grab sounds, but it's nothing totally special. The coolest part of the sound effects are the taunts from player to player, though. The feel of "Yeah baby" or "Ahh baby get hurt?" makes the player really feel at home on the PC.

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Added:  Thursday, November 25, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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