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Reviewed: NFL Blitz 2000
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 25th 1999
Page: 2

Many gamers will know, that the NFL Blitz title bears a strong name in the minds of all gamers. From Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, PC, and now to the Sega Dreamcast, all gamers know that the face that NFL Blitz brings to the gaming world is one the raw carnage of football stripped down to its bear parts. The original Blitz brought an onslaught of money and cash to arcades around the country, sloshing down quarter after quarter to keep playing one of the most addictive videogames of its time. What made NFL Blitz such a success was the fast and action based gameplay of the national past-time of American history, football that nobody else had known or even existed in any form. Then the great idea of console ports arrived. With the limited power that the home consoles had, the full glory of Blitz had to be cut down a bit to be able to run, fit, and work within reasonable limits on the home hardware. The translation into the home versions was quite well done. Both the Playstation and Nintendo 64 ports were close to the original. They had a few extra features though, like season play. The PC port of the arcade version brought truer graphics and sound to the original, only it was missing the few extras the console brethren had, the season play mode. So it somewhat made gamers feel as if the game was an incomplete or empty version of the game. But the raw carnage was there, as was the gameplay which was a blast to play. Enter NFL Blitz 2000, an arcade port of the NFL Blitz 99 arcade game.

Get Up Wuss
Barrel Them Over!
Run Dear, Run!

The gameplay of Blitz 2000 is best described as a souped up version of the original Blitz game. The original game was by means, one of the most fun and addictive games to play, especially with a multiple people hook up. The new 2000 edition is no different, the game is a complete blast to play and have a good time with. All the bone crushing, head smashing, body breaking action is included in the 2000 edition of the game as it was in the 99 edition of the arcade game. The main differences between the arcade and the PC 2000 edition are the updated rosters and season/tournament modes.

Like other football games, Blitz 2000 maintains the basic concept of the game. Throw the ball or run the ball up the field and score a touchdown by getting the ball into the endzone. Now, just shrink the roster down to seven guys, throw out all the rules like offsides, passing interference, unnecessary roughness, and then that is what equals Blitz 2000. As the name describes, the game has the full NFL and NFLPA license featuring all thirty one NFL teams, including the new Tennessee Titans, and seven of the best known players from each team.

Undermined Player
Playbook Editor
Ungh, Broken Bones...

The way to play is down and dirty. The player will control one of the seven players, select a play, and then go. Whatever the opponent may try to do, the job of the player is to stop them by any means necessary. Shock the player with a bunch crunching smash, hard slap on the back, or even the traditional slap hard tackle. To get a first down, the player must run up thirty yards instead of the typical ten yards up field, but that is not a major concern as yardage is not hard to come by. Players can gain usually twenty yards at a time on a play. NFL Blitz is pretty much the football equivalent to the basketball NBA Jam. Each player has a turbo meter, by which players can get speed bursts and run up the field with quicker speed.

The fast paced action usually calls for many unorthodox methods of play, such as pass interference on many other games, premature tackles, and high usage of juke moves. Players have a spin move, stiff arm, and jumps at their usage to avoid tackle. The stiff arm is quite useful in the game because of how effectively the stiff arm will reflect or bounce off an oncoming player. Quarterbacks can use the jump to great use by jumping backwards and then firing giving an extra second or two before having the pass blocked or being sacked. There are even several different ways to tackle an opposing player, a slap, hard dive tackle, pile driver tackle, or direct drill tackle. All of the tackles have varying effect on the player. Late hits are one of the most fun tackles to watch in the game, after the play has ended and the ball is dead, it's simply a ton of fun to see what kind of moves a player will do to the player on the ground.

Stadiums in which the players play in are now unique. There are five different stadiums in Blitz 2000, none of them are officially licensed stadiums from the NFL, but they sure do look nice. Each of the stadiums have a distinct personality on how they play with depicting effects. One stadium is covered in a thick smog that slowly eats away at the playing field. Another stadium has snow, and as the game progresses along, the field gets chewed down and is more slick, resulting in less runner control and more fumbles.

Back Breaker
Come Get Some
Helmet Loss

There are an extra season and tournament modes included in the game, which gives the player something to shoot for by winning the superbowl or defeating his buddies in a tournament structure. In the season mode, players will compete with the other teams in the NFL, gathering up team statistics like most tackles/sacks or most passing yards while maintain a strong record and keeping up in rankings to win the superbowl. The season mode is a blast to play and lead a team through is tons of fun. The tournament mode is mainly for several play hookups, when a playoff or beat-up-athon is on.

The newest features to the NFL Blitz 2000 game are the fire modes, playbook creator, and unique stadiums. The fire modes are almost exactly like what was featured in the NBA Jam games, after making three successful catches in a row to the same receiver or getting two tackles with loss of yardage in a row, the team will be on fire. When a team is on fire, they are extremely difficult to stop on both the defensive and offensive ends. Players will run faster and tackle harder. Players can break through holdups and defensive or offensive lines very quick. Players can even have opposing players on their backs and drag players before being stopped by another pulse pounding hit.

The playbook editor included in the game is a very powerful tool to use for creating a pulse pounding playbook or a action packed rock the house feast. The interface is very easy and laying out a play and execution is simple. Just select, drag, click, and set. That is all that is required to make a play. Put all the pieces together and then the play is set. Test out the play in a game and see how well it executes. Adding new plays gives the player a slight advantage, giving the player power knowing what type of opponent he will play. If the opponent he plays is a blitzing team, the player can utilize several passing and blocking plays that are effective against a blitz.

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Added:  Thursday, November 25, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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