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 Nethergate Review @ GU - Page 3
 June 26th, 1999 by Chris "Stories" Kim

As I said before, the graphics are a bit rough and not too refined in the game, cause most of the time went into making a better gaming environment and atmosphere. The graphics are 640x480 screen (optional extra screens like the automap and speech open a new window) and the play screen is a small windows with 3D isometric view in 16-Bit color. The worst part of the graphics however is that there is no animation at all. The pictures just move without any fluid motion. This isn't exactly the greatest way to go, but it seems to work. The graphics look nice, each of the buildings and tilesets are all very unique and nicely textured. Each of the tilesets are completely unique and offer very different feelings. Each of the environments are very quaint and have their own distinctive feel. The graphics won't make Baldur's Gate or Diablo II shake in fear in their boots, but they look decent. The character portaits are all unique and have a nice feel to it. The interface graphics of the main menu are all hand drawn and have a nice feel to it. The empty foreground of the game is occupied by a papyrus paper or a wooden back depending on which quest you choose to play, which is a nice touch. The automap is nothing special either.

The stats screen
Larger scale battle

For the most part the game is pretty silent. The only sounds that occupy the game are weapons swinging, walking, entering places, dying, and other important events. The sound effects aren't of the greatest quality either. There is a little mini MIDI music composition when you load up the game which has the war song type tune to it.

The Celts adventure
Character editor!

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Added:  Saturday, June 26, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/4

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