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 Nethergate Review @ GU - Page 2
 June 26th, 1999 by Chris "Stories" Kim

The game is like any typical RPG. Something sinister is upon the land and you must save the land. The time period takes place during 60 A.D. when the Romans and Celts are in the battles. You can play from both perspectives, both providing very different strategies and different gameplay. Like any typical RPG, you will receive a certain number of members during your quest. Which ever side you choose to play with you will get four members to start out your party. This number will increase or decrease from 1 to 6 depending on how you choose to play. The game has many controls such as: looking, speaking, searching, magic, weapons, armor, and of course battling. Unlike most RPG's where you level up and gain various stats, in this game you gain experience and it builds up your skill points which all go into a pool. You will gain one skill point after a certain amount of experience points. The pool works a little bit like the way Diablo uses the pool to distribute points along the skills. But there are a lot more different skills than the normal, Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Endurance. Other skills such as lock picking, weapons use, armor use, first aid are also other various skills to learn. The battles are quite simple, but they are effective at getting the job done. Unlike the Final Fantasy series, all the battles occur on the same screen that you see. The battles all occur in turn based fashion, you will get a certain amount of action points according to your dexterity. With each of these action points you will move, run, or attack with them. In battle you have the option of almost anything. You can equip equipment, run up and attack, launch missiles, parry, or use magic. Like any other RPG the enemies will run up to you and attack at you while you attack at the same time. The various weapons you hold will affect your hit rate and the strength of your attack. The various weapons and armor you can hold aren't the most diverse in the world, but they all have certain characteristics. The main weapons are daggers, swords, spears, staffs, axes, and javelins. Often, you will find these items after you defeat monsters and bad guys. There are also fine, blessed, poor suffixes which affect the usefulness of the item. You can carry a certain amount of items in your inventory according to the character's strength and inventory space. Just like in Diablo, you may find unique items which require identification. Most of the money you will generate will come from selling items you find in battle as most fights will not drop any coins.

In the Fort
In the abandoned mine

All the adventuring takes place on the over world map where you will see your party. After a certain amount of moves each one of your members must eat food. Food can be found or bought from various places. Food does not take up weight or space in your inventory thankfully. Every time the party eats, if you don't have enough food to feed to whole party you will take damage to your characters that don't get food. The various adventures will take you to many different locations from the wild mountains, to the next savage village next door. In each of the locations you will encounter many different things from monsters to friendly characters which don't affect what you do. Talking to characters is quite simple, but also very effective as well. Unlike Final Fantasy which they just say one thing, in this game you will speak many different things and questions to them. When you speak to them "Name" and "Job" are always required speech. The keywords they speak will be in blue so you always can understand what they will tell you. A large part in your adventures is the characters speeches and the development of the story. The story is of course during 60 A.D. time period and (if you play the Roman adventure) you are brought to the fort by the commander to find a message on the body of dead soldier. You will explore to the abandoned cave and bring the message back. He will read it and find more news about how the Celts (aka Savages) may have something planned and you must uncover each of the story bit by bit as you uncover more clues. If you are also stuck, you can use the character editor to do whatever you want to your party :-)

Small confrontation

The Celts' story is pretty much the opposite of the Romans, they are trying to maintain their life style by fighting off the Romans attacks. The Celts are more of the magic users as they are not as strong with weapons and armor usage, but the Romans are better in hand to hand combat and not as strong with magic uses. Controlling your men is quite easy, you can use either the keyboard or mouse for controlling. Using the mouse is a bit easier, but it can turn into a hassle. For the keyboard you will probably use the numberpad to move and the alphabetical letters to control commands. All commands have hotkeys for ease of use in shopping, fighting, spell using, and so on. The controls are extremely simple to learn and use and even a baby could use them.

Talking to other people

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Added:  Saturday, June 26, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/4

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