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Reviewed: Metroid Fusion
Author: Roee Shenberg       Date: November 18th, 2002
Page: 2

Metroid Fusion is a direct sequel to Super Metroid, considered a classic, giving it a lot to live up to. Thankfully, it lives up to it's predecessors' excellent gameplay, bringing the best 2D side-scrolling action yet seen on a GameBoy Advance. The sheer fun-factor of exploring the massive maps of this game is something to behold (The map size is comparable to Super Metroid). Even though you're basically shooting mindless critters in a 2D world, it never gets old.

The tight control scheme is passed over smoothly to the GameBoy Advance, the music is the best I've heard coming from that flimsy speaker, minimalistic in that Metroid fasion, yet undeniably good. The artwork is also some of the best seen on the system. Unlike games like Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (A great game on it's own right), the graphics are bright, offsetting to some degree the intolerable darkness of the GBA screen, yet still atmospheric.

The most important addition, though, is a plot. The plot is transferred through breifings, which are given to you by your computer at navigation rooms, and scripted events. While not a masterpiece, it keeps the game much more interesting, and does have it's moments (Your worst enemy is yourself, literally). They even bother to explain why you lost all your powers from the earlier games at the beginning, this time.

Most importantly, though, the difficulty level is just right. The game is never easy enough to make you careless (Well, if it is, you play too many sidescrollers), yet never so hard as to be frustrating. Even the end boss is not so hard as to require more than a few tries. The only disappointment is the fact that you fight a Metroid only once. What do you mean, a Metroid game without Metroids in it?

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Added:  Monday, November 18, 2002
Reviewer:  Roee Shenberg
Page: 2/3

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