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The Doom3 Diary: A Gamer's Experience
Author: Michael Ahlf 
Date: August 12th 2004
Page: 4

Day Four:

"Good job." 

At least my CO recognizes survival when he sees it. I'm to go to Alpha Labs and help the Marines there get off our distress call. Too bad the scientist didn't get his off before everything went haywire.

He updates my PDA, gives me access through Marine HQ the back way. That at least is good, now I can get the hell out of this area. Of course, there's the little problem of zombies staging an ambush as I try to get in.

The kitchen's a shambles, the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 machine out of commission, just shouting "Three" over and over. One thing's started to become a bit more clear - random static off of radios means that I've got Marine zombies around a corner. 

I bust into the bathroom, to check; there might be survivors, or things to kill. A look in the mirror sets off the most bizarre hallucination. I'm guessing I'm seeing what I'll look like as a zombie, and it's really not pretty. While I'm staring in the mirror an Imp comes in the door behind me, too - shoot fast, think later time.

Heading down the corridors, I reach the administration entrance area, and the friendly sentry-bot is still holding the area. Thanks, little buddy. At least you're not shooting at me yet.

I follow the sentry 'bot and watch what it does - it seems to be leading me on, but if I turn the wrong way it comes back to find me. Not bad.

As far as the thing's survival abilities go, I'm suitably impressed. All I have to do is hang back, stay out of sight, and collect the ammo off the stuff it kills. It's ridiculously powerful for one little spider-like robot; except for one Imp that tried to come in behind me, it kills every possible thing it can see before shutting down.

Ducking through the access pipes to the second story, I find the body of a guy named Duncan. Seems he was getting a little nervous, and tried to requisition not only body armor, but a plasma gun. If there actually are plasma guns stored somewhere on this base, it's my duty to find one and blow things up with it.

The only way out from here seems to be the elevator. Wonder if that goes straight to the my next destination or just to another long detour.

The elevator comes out in the main Administration area, and through an echoing air vent I hear something startling - apparently for at least one faction on the station, everything's going according to plan. The jerk I came in with, Swann's bodyguard, is uncorking a suitcase; I'm hoping that green light means he's got something a bit more major in the way of firepower.

If he does, I want it. The bigger the explosions I can make, the better. Plus, Swann's just a complete jerk.

Despite everything around it being broken, the entryway "educational" video about Alpha Labs is still running. Mentions some interesting power source technology, something that might be usable to power bigger and better guns. The zombies are getting craftier, too - they do a really good job of masquerading as dead bodies until I'm right on top of them.

Ducking through and checking the security checkpoint on my way to Alpha Labs, I find another poor schmuck's PDA. Nothing too interesting this time, though apparently they've got email spam on Mars, too.

Mmm... the storage locker's got hand grenades. I can definitely live with those - they'll make a nice big explosion. A launcher would have been better, but I'll guess that should come later.

The labs have been overrun... I should have expected that. Imps running wild, trying to lob fireballs at me through protective glass. At least that means they're not THAT smart. 

Add increased strength to the enhancements a zombie gets. There's some fatso up on the second floor trying to lob barrels of explosives at me. Let's see... see in the dark, faster, stronger. From what I've seen, they at least retain their intelligence for a brief while, though the poor non-Marines don't tend to share that trait. These things are just going to be tough to kill.

To prove the point, there's a lone Marine left behind at the entrance to Alpha Labs - apparently most of his squad's been killed. That explains all the zombies I've seen carrying weaponry recently. Poor sap's pretty shot up, too.

Once more unto the breach - Alpha Labs, here I come.

Or maybe not - as it turns out, when my CO cleared me to leave HQ, he forgot to clear me to ENTER Alpha Labs. The poor Marine stuck outside doesn't have clearance either. Back I go - got to find the PDA of someone who does have the clearance I need. 

The way is cleared when two Imps, chasing fresh meat, bust through a previously jammed door. Yep, they're definitely stronger than any human could be.

Dispatching them, I wander down a bit and try out my new grenades. They're pretty powerful, setting the lights on the ceiling swinging with the force of the explosion. I wouldn't want to be whatever is nearby when they go off.

The posters on the wall advertise Mars Delta Labs - "Superior Firepower." That's what I'm talking about... pity I'm not headed there quite yet. Time to open the executive suites and go grab some security clearance.

Of course, this nasty Demon pops up once I release the door. Now he's pacing around outside the security booth I'm cooped up in. He hasn't busted through yet... but he's got to know I'm here. Maybe it's time to lob one of those grenades out the door and pray a bit.

Some jerk's gotten a "free" storage locker from some sweepstakes called Martian Buddy. He didn't know what was in it. I don't either. If I want to open it I'll have to find some terminal that can unlock it, if one exists. Until then, it just sits there taunting me, not accepting my tries to crack the security code by dumb luck.

Oh well. Screw it. If I find a way to open it, I'll catch it on the return trip. Meanwhile, I'm moving on. 

I swear to god, if I ever meet the idiot who designed a thousand and one dropaway panels just perfect for staging ambushes in this godforsaken base, I'm gonna force-feed him one of my grenades without the pin. These Imps, Demons, and all the rest just popping out of nowhere are getting incredibly annoying. Not to mention that I've nearly jumped out of my skin twice, just from hearing a door open.

I'm also ready to duct-tape my flashlight to one of these guns, if only I could find a roll of duct tape.

Passing into the executive offices, I see Swann and his bodyguard again. They're trying to get root access to the computer systems, though I can't imagine what for. They're obviously not trying to send out a distress signal, nor do they care about what happens to anyone else on this base.

Well, there's the director of operations. No PDA. In the next office... what were they doing in here? There's no reason that magic circle should be lighting up, and I don't know any reason someone would put the candles there. What were they trying to do, call up Satan and ask him to lay off?

My CO messaged me a bit ago about strange growths. Wow, he wasn't kidding - are those tentacles, or stomachs, or a spleen? Or is it just a gigantic cancer running over the labs? This is getting wierder by the minute. 

Sure enough, grabbing Banks' PDA from the area causes Imps to jump out of the fleshwork...whatever the hell this stuff is. He was getting worried about people going missing and insane in the base, too. Not surprising. He was the one authorizing sending stuff through without the manifest officer getting to catalog or inspect it. Something about "religious artifacts" for Delta Labs. Well, given that someone set up a summoning circle - and it WORKED - right here in front of my eyes, they apparently got it right.

I've got my security clearance, time to head back. Only problem: apparently the Imps don't just pop out of the walls, they can teleport into the area in a flash of hellish lightning. It just gets nicer by the minute, doesn't it?

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The Doom 3 Diary

Added:  Monday, August 09, 2004
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf

Page: 4/5

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