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 Violence in Games: Is it Wrong?
 July 16th, 1999 by Seth Marse
This topic, I'm sure, has been talked about, written about, and discussed many times, and in many different ways. Well, I'm going to revisit this topic that has caused many a dispute... feel free to email me with your views on this topic. These are my personal opinions, and other members of Glide Underground may not have the same outlook, just thought I would mention that, so if you have any problems with this article, email me, don't flame the other guys...

Okay, to start off, I think that this topic mainly started because of the violence in schools across the nation, etc. People, and parents, even some people in government, have said that games such as Quake, Unreal, and many other titles in the first person shooter genre, have caused these kids to go on a "killing rampage" so to speak. Personally, I do not think that any game, etc., could have this effect on anyone. The kids themselves decide they want act in such a manner, it's not because they play Doom and go psycho... They are the ones who do such things, mainly because they want to.

I've seen on some web sites, a slogan saying, "Games don't kill. Period," or "Games don't kill, people do." I think these statements are true, the games are not the problem, it's the people who commit the acts of violence that are the problem. I've been playing first person shooter since Wolfenstein3D came out... I've not gone insane, and started killing people... and there are many others like me who enjoy playing these games, but realizing that's what they are...just games!

I enjoy a good deathmatch in Quake 2, or in Unreal, and I don't see any point whatsoever in coming down on the gaming industry because of the supposed "violence" in games.. c'mon, give it a break. I'm sure many people out there agree with what I'm saying.

Also in Japan, the games, and cartoons, etc., are much more violent than what is here in the North America, yet there is not much crime. Why is this? I think that school violence is so intensified because of the kids' own ideas or outlook on life. It could be because of their selfishness, thinking that the world revolves around them, and not taking other people into consideration. I also think that they don't know how to control themselves, they get angry at something, and then explode, and act in anger. There are many things that could cause this, such as the kids hanging with the wrong crowd, or they just deny anyone else a reason for existance... many factors could be involved in this.

In conclusion, again, these are my opinions, and this is how I see it. To answer the question in the title, "Violence in Games: Is it Wrong?" I would have to say, no, it's not wrong... it's just something to play and enjoy playing with other people (multiplayer). And I just want to say id Software rocks, they pretty much started the FPS genre, and I must say, they're awesome.


Violence in Video Games

Added:  Friday, July 16, 1999
Reviewer:  Seth Marse


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