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NVIDIA: Too Fast For Us? - Comments, Part II
Author: Torsten Daeges       Date: March 14th 2001
Page: 3

And finally, here is a comment about the first part of the comments we posted on Monday. ;-)


I have read your article and think that you have made an excellent point in expressing your opinions. I have also read the comments that other people have sent to you and would like to comment on a few things.

There were many people who kept saying that you 'missed the point'. I totally disagree. I think there are many people out there that take this article a bit to personally, or read a bit too in depth. I know it is hard to express your opinion with a few sentences where a few things could get missed out and/or wrong word ordering. Take for instance your title to the article that some people seem to misinterprete as the main theme of the article. A title is just that, its hard to find a suitable title that explains everything and be catchy at the same time. It isn't just based on that and can include other elements.

Onto the article itself. I wonder about this six month advancement that NVidia has set for itself. Technologically, its great! Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before. But what about us the buyers? It seems to give an excuse for NVidia to release a new graphic card with a higher price tag than the previous card - meaning all previous card version will not drop down in price as much as it should. In a few month time? The GF3 prices might decrease but not much because inevitably, the next NVidia card will to $800, and the next $1000. It might not be NVidia's fault, and I'm happy that they finally released a 'proper' advance graphic card (instead of just speed increase).

Some people wrote that you never mentioned about NVidia marketing methods and their position. Its true that NVidia might be the graphic leader but that doesn't mean that their product are any good (I'm sure that the GF3 is a great card, just not convinced about the GF2 line) but because of good marketing. Like the PlayStation 2, the marketing was great, and so everyone wants one and go and buy one. Unforunately, I know many people that have said that it wasn't worth it except as a cheap DVD player (maybe because Nintendo didn't help start them off this time). Just because it seems to be great, doesn't mean it will be (think 3Dfx).

Would the GF3 be great in the games today? A lot of readers wrote back and said that you were wrong and that it would be useful. But, come on, you never said it was useless! Of course it would improve todays games because of HRAA and the extra speed (most readers mention these two), but who would want to buy a $600 card just for these *two* features? Why not wait until you actually need it where hopefully it will be cheaper than $600. An excellent point made by one of the reader - who would want to play a game you already beaten just because of these features?? Graphics are good but gameplay is more important.

Sorry for the rant, but one more point... Some wrote that if 'NVidia won't release extra 3D features who will?'. I'm sorry to say that ATI Radeon is the first card that had all DirectX8 features. NVidia had to release a card to overcome this minor resistance (instead of JUST speed increase that most people have complained about) plus they are working on the XBox and would make sense to support DX8.

I'm sure I have more to say but I won't bore you. Just to summarise my email is that NVidia new GF3 pricing (which might not be helped) is bad for all us buyers at the current time with todays games. Only developers really need it since they can use ALL the features for the price NVidia is asking. For the rest of us, lets wait and see if it lives up to its standard and nothing new suddenly come along.

- Andy (Chrominium)

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Too Fast For You? -Letters 2

Added:  Wednesday, March 14, 2001
Reviewer:  Torsten Daeges

Page: 3/3

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