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Mechwarrior 3 vs Heavy Gear 2
 July 10th, 1999 by Michael "" Ahlf
First, the basics:


Arguably, the system requirements are very important: the lower they are, the more people can play.  If they go too low, the graphics can suffer: on the other hand, a game with high requirements can achieve a system hog award on the highest system, even though a year later the systems available make it look awesome.  With that in mind, here are the system requirements and suggestions for Mechwarrior 3 and Heavy Gear 2.

Mechwarrior 3 

166MHz Pentium or faster CPU
Windows 95/98
High Color Graphics (640x480x16bit resolution -- 2MB Video RAM)
2X CDROM or better
Hard drive 240MB Free
DirectX compatible sound card

200MHz Pentium or better
Windos 95/98
High-Color Graphics (1024x768x16bit resolution), Direct3D compatible graphics accelerator
4X CDROM or faster
Hard Drive 390MB Free

Heavy Gear 2

3D graphics accelerator card (with Z-buffering and 100% DirectX 6.1 support)
166MHz Pentium or better
Windows 95/98
Hard Drive 450MB free, plus 80MB for windows swapfile
100% DirectX 6.1 compatible soundcard
100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver
CD Audio (Redbook) support

Same as above, with one exception:
Processor = Pentium 233MHz or better

And the winner for system Specs is...

Mechwarrior 3

The decision is simple: Mechwarrior 3 requires less of a computer to run.  It takes half the RAM, less of a video card,less hard drive space, and less driver fussing.  Heavy Gear 2 earns a system hog award here not for its performance but for the sheer number of hoops required for the user to get it running.

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Heavy Gear 2 VS MechWarrior 3

Added:  Saturday, July 10, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf

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