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Wrapper Performance on Lower End Video Cards

Added:  Saturday, May 08, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf

Page: 6/6

Lower -end Video Card Performance on Wrappers: The Final Verdict @ GU  

  Wrapper Performance on Lower End Video Cards : The Final Verdict


For the RAGE PRO TURBO users,choice and personal preference will decide which wrapper you use. XGL200
seems to lag behind a bit for you, though those with 4MB texture memory may find that a different story. If you're not concerned with minor artifacts, Clide will give you the best framerates. If you really want everything to appear perfect, you're unfortunately going to have to wait for ATI to finally deliver a full OpenGL ICD.



RIVA 128ZX users have an even more difficult choice, with the addition of GL2IDE to the possibilities. For the user demanding all speed, try both XGL200 and CLIDE on the game you intend to play, and test the framerates to see which works better.

If you want the best picture with little or no artifacts, GL2IDE will be your wrapper of choice. Rev C even has a fix so that you can enjoy GoldenEye 007 without the annoying blue halfscreen, as does XGL200.


Tests on the RIVA 128, with 4 MB texture memory on the card instead of 8, have come up with nearly identical results, with one notable exception.  OpenGL wrappers have not run well for most users at all, with the wrapper shifting to use of the Win9x software OpenGL instead.  This leaves the choice of XGL200 or Clide to those users.

Good luck to you all, and happy gaming!


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