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Wrapper Performance on Lower End Video Cards

Added:  Saturday, May 08, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf

Page: 3/6

ATI RAGE PRO Wrapper Performance @ GU  

  Wrapper Performance on Lower End Video Cards : ATI RAGE PRO TURBO

Clide ver 2.4

Clide, a Direct3D-based wrapper by ClideMan, pushes out the best framerates on the RAGE PRO, with 15.5 fps in Mario and 6.5 fps in WaveRace. Unfortunately, it has the Wave Race sky texture bug and some artifact/mipmap problems as well.


Jumping off the Chopper

GL2IDE rev C

GL2IDE rev C, by hWnd, is the only OpenGL-based wrapper I was able to test on.  On the RAGE PRO, nothing much can be said, as it is incredibly slow due to a current lack of an OpenGL ICD. I did capture a couple of screenshots with their beta drivers that have an OpenGL. Click the links below if you want to see them.




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