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Glide Underground At Comdex: Part One
Author: Scott Hetherington       Date: November 25th 1999
Page: 3

Day Two:

Another tiring day behind us. My feet are extremely annoyed with me for inflicting my dress shoes on them. Some very interesting news from Kryotech and AMD. The processor they’re using in the SuperG is just a normal 0.25 micron Athlon 700mhz. It took us a good while to ferret that out from the nice people at Kryotech; who by the way threw a nice party at the Desert Inn tonight - the governor of South Carolina was among the guests. Rob and I (along with a couple other people from Rythms Inc) quite literally cornered Dennis Peck of Kryotech for an impromptu question and answer session about Kryotech, the SuperG, cooling technology, and turbo-charged cars, among many other things. For those of you interested in buying stock in Kryotech (a very smart move on your part, IMHO) they’re currently selling shares of their company exclusively via DPO - or Direct Public Offering - over the internet, and then only through "licensed" States, although Dennis assured us there must be a way to do internationally. Dennis also tells us that Kryotech has a working dual-head cooling system, originally designed for Dual-processor systems (ie: servers), but they’re working on adapting that technology for video card use. Kryotech is aparently working closely with a few un-named (due to NDAs) video card manufacturers on producing a product along those lines.

In other news, we finally got around to visiting a couple of the booths at the Sands convention center here at the Venetian. Intel has a nifty booth set up, showcasing some...different...home PC designs that will be out in the coming year. Some were impractical for anything other than showing pictures, but some were downright cool-looking. One of the concept designs featured at the booth will be in a Disney feature film later this year (I *think* it was Hauser Design’s "G.R.A.N.N.Y.", aka: Computer-On-A-Post, but I can’t remember for sure).

We also finally got the time to pay a proper visit to ABit’s booth, and to lay our hands on the two new nVidia-based cards that ABit will be offering later this year. The first one to be available to the public (as of this January) is the "Siluro GT2", which is based on nVidia’s RIVA TNT2 128 bit technology. The other, the GeForce-based card, will be available in roughly five months. While we had the ABit’s attention, we thought we’d throw a few Athlon questions their way. Due to lack of co-operation from AMD itself, ABit isn’t sure whether or not they will be releasing an Athlon board. They figure that IF they release an Athlon board, that it would be available sometime in the next four to five months. ABit has apparently approached AMD, but gotten a "we can't help you" attitude in response. ABit assured us that if they did indeed produce an Athlon board, they would push it, and at least admit to making it; unlike the K7M, which seems to be a bastard board, with no one admitting to making it. Also spotted today was another Athlon slot A board on Tyan’s wall; of course the Tyan rep claimed they had no idea who actually made the board, claiming it wasn’t them.

A bit of less business-related news: Kryotech and Team SC (South Carolina, where Kryotech’s headquarters is) had a swanky get together last night at the Desert Inn. I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this, but probably left half of it out, so here goes. It was held on the seventh floor of the lobby building of the Desert Inn, which featured an open-air balcony, lots and lots of marble, and free drinks for us media leech types. All of Kryotech (at least everyone they brought to Vegas) was in attendance, along with three executives and the president of AMD. Also attending were the Secretary of State for South Carolina and the Governor of South Carolina; both of whom were there for the "official" unveiling of the SuperG. After the unveiling, Rob and I managed to corner Dennis Peck, which I’ve already mentioned, so I won’t say much more aside from I’d really like to interview him, on a more official basis. After the party and several Coronas, Rob and I headed back to our hotel, being the boring tired losers we are. We happened to bump into a cute Italian girl by the name of Charly (Carlotta is what it’s short for), who we chatted with on the elevator ride down, and ended up going out for a quick drink with at Planet Hollywood in Caesar’s Palace. I guess women no longer give you their phone numbers, instead they give you their hotmail addresses. Then again, she’s from Italy, so I’d rather not have to pay the serious long distance charges for those phone calls.

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Glide Underground At Comdex '99

Added:  Thursday, November 25, 1999
Reviewer:  Scott Hetherington

Page: 3/3

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