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Glide Underground At Comdex: Part One
Author: Scott Hetherington       Date: November 25th 1999
Page: 2

Day One:

The answer to the question I had been asking myself over and over yesterday has finally been answered. The answer to "Are we having fun yet?" is now a resounding "Yes!". The day hadnít started out well, due to incompetent Comdex staff who decided to ask for proof that I was indeed a writer, before they would give me a Media Badge to enter the conference. After a couple of hours of attempting to print out a copy of one of my GU posts, we were finally in - roughly two hours too late to attend the 3Dfx press conference for the Napalm. Which, I am told, wasnít really that great anyways. We spent the better part of today wandering the one million square foot concourse at the Hilton, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at all the fly gear set to come out over the next few months. A few interesting things to relay to those of you who havenít already heard about them:

AOpen will be releasing an Athlon motherboard featuring the VIA KX-133 chipset sometime this December; which of course sent Rob into a fairly long and involved discussion with the AOpen reps. Apparently, AOpen is claiming this new motherboard is able to change the CPU multiplier using dipswitches on the motherboard - which previously was only possible by soldering resistors manually onto the motherboard. To quote Rob, "Very interesting. Verrrry interesting.". Also falling into the interesting department of things from AOpen is the CRS9420P - an external SCSI laptop CD burner. Nothing new of course, it just managed to impress Rob and I through sheer "Hey, what the hell is that?" power.

A big round of applause to Diamond/S3 for the extremely cool Press Kits they produced for Comdex. Iím not sure yet if weíve snapped any pics of it at all, but itís a CD. A CD the size and shape of a business card. We spent a good long while wondering whether or not a CD-ROM would actually be able to read it or not. The good news is it does.

In the OCíing/Cooling department, KryoTechís booth featured their new SuperG Athlon system, running a Quake 2 timedemo at way-past-fast speed. I guess thatís what you get from a Ghz Athlon processor. Here are the stats of the machine running the demo, and a minor benchmark that the good folks at the Kryotech booth let us perform. A 1 Ghz Athlon (unfortunately, Kryotech is still under NDA from AMD, and was unable to tell us what the original clock speed actually was, Iím guessing around 700-750 MHz), 128MB of RAM, and a V770 Ultra. Running Quake 2 timedemo 1, it scored a blistering 114fps using default OpenGL at 640x480 resolution. The only downside to running a Kryotech system, if youíre a LAN-happy idiot like myself - is the price in weight you pay to run your nice new Athlon at -43 degrees. The cooling unit alone is estimated to weigh between 50 and 70 lbs.

Another addition to the "Man, I want one" department: the Microsphere. This spiffy little unit replaces the normal desk and chair setup with an extremely comfortable, ergonomic......thing. Itís more or less every gamer and computer userís dream setup. For the sticker price of roughly $1800US, it had better be.

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Glide Underground At Comdex '99

Added:  Thursday, November 25, 1999
Reviewer:  Scott Hetherington

Page: 2/3

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