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Case Mods: 101
Author: Rob Baumstark       Date: October 26th 2000
Page: 7

It's Never Finished.

Case modding is an addiction. Ya, it has a lot of more practical benefits, but I do it because it's a lot of fun. The moment you cut your first blowhole and realize how easy it is to do these things all kinds of ideas about how you can make this thing run a bit cooler, or this other thing look a bit meaner will pop into your head. I've already got plans to rebuild the entire side-panel of my case (the one that was off on all the pictures), there's a little sneak-preview of whats planned in the photo section below. If I ever do decide that there's nothing left for me to do to my computer I'll probably either sell it and buy another one, or start doing mods for other people who don't want to do so themselves.

Another of the things behind case-modding is sharing your ideas with everyone else who does it. If any of you guys have any cool ideas on things I could improve in my case, I want to hear them. If you think we should have a section on GU for a gallery of readers case-mods, say so. If there's demand for it I'll make one up. Most of my ideas for my case have come from looking at galleries like that, and I'd love to inspire a few of you to try it out. I hope you learned something from this, and if you haven't seen enough already, here's some "overall" pics of the system.

My computer, front-view. Right-side, my growing sticker collection. Left-side, the insides. Close-up of my favorite sticker.
My CPU. Notice that the filters DO work, and the TD2 GFD on it. Vid-card and slot-cooler. My future plans for my left side-panel. View with left-side on.
Cut-out from bottom of front-piece, intake for 120mm fan. Just some of the disks I used up. Yes, with handle it is too tall to fit under my desk. You can see the sub beside it under the desk. The interface to this monster.

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Case Mods: 101

Added:  Thursday, October 26, 2000
Reviewer:  Rob Baumstark

Page: 7/7

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