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Case Mods: 101
Author: Rob Baumstark       Date: October 26th 2000
Page: 2

Safety Rules.

The most important part of any case-mod project is surviving long enough to enjoy the finished product. Besides the fact that dying sucks, what do you think your wife/mom is gonna do with your machine if you're not around anymore. Luckily, most case-mod related injuries aren't that severe, but the next is almost as bad, and easy to do if you're not careful. Rule 1: Safety Goggles. Not being able to see your screen is worse than death 'cause you can hear other people messing with your system and can't do anything about it. This is of course the rule I broke, and I can honestly tell you that getting hot metal shavings in your eye DOES hurt.

Rule 2: Location. Find a place with lots of light, good ventilation, and far away from any small electronics. I think the first part is self explanetory. The other two parts are because the Dremel will create a lot of metal dust, and its not good for your lungs or your computer. When I say electronics I don't just mean your motherboard and CPU. You have to take out your power supply, all the drives, case fans you've already installed, everything out of your case before you start, and don't have them in the same room you're cutting in. I'd recommend taking everything possible out of the case, electronic or not, as it makes it easier to work with eg. side panels, HD racks that can come out, etc.

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Case Mods: 101

Added:  Thursday, October 26, 2000
Reviewer:  Rob Baumstark

Page: 2/7

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