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 EverQuest: the ultimate addiction
 July 5th, 1999 by Khalid Shaikh
Anyway I decided to write this "article" because I read something cool on Avault, Billy "Wicked" Wilson saying which game he plays the most is EverQuest. I also wrote this article because I have 2 friends at work playing, at this very moment, playing right now while I type. I think I've forced myself off this addiction and want to let other people experience this awesome game. For this reason I'm passing my copy of EverQuest around to my friends so that they can try it. I encourage you to check it out if you have a friend who has it. I'm not being paid by Verant or anything I just love this game. Yesterday I had 7 friends who work at Microsoft, drive in from Seattle, and they've never played this game. I found that to be horrifying...

AVault: What is your favorite game, and do you spend more time in single-player or deathmatch?

Wilson: I play more Everquest than anything else right now. Actually, I spend more time playing that game than I do sleeping. Iím an addict -- I can admit it! Itís the first online game Iíve really been into. Iím not much of a deathmatch type of person as, and I can admit this, too, I really suck at it in just about every game. Iím slightly better at Unreal and Unreal Tournament for some strange reason than the Quake titles, although lately Iíve been playing a little Aliens vs. Predator, and I donít seem to do that bad as the Alien character. Itís a pretty cool game.

What is funny is that I have posted an EverQuest map right outside my cubical and people, every couple of days, walk up to my office and start talking to me about it. The other day one person told me that his friend plays it all the time and he was asking me about the hype around it. Another person who doesn't really play games asked why everyone at work is playing it. At one time during the day (after work) my manger pulled us all away from our machines and he had an EverQuest meeting. Now that is funny...

EverQuest: the ultimate addiction

Added:  Monday, July 05, 1999
Reviewer:  Khalid Shaikh

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