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 EverQuest: the ultimate addiction
 July 5th, 1999 by Khalid Shaikh
One of the really funny events was that while I was at work playing on Friday, some girl from across the cubical said "I'm a lvl 16" or something like that. She started getting into what cities I should go to and what I should do. I just can't believe how crazy people are about this game. Let's get into what my experience was.

For the first couple of hours that I played EverQuest, it wasn't terribly impressed. I didn't have much character interaction and I really didn't know what I was doing. The only reason I forced myself to play through those hours was because I heard about this game via 6 separate sources. I knew the genre that it was must be addictive. So I continued on.

After the first few hours when I realized how to get weapons, go to my guild, and talk to people I really got into it. I was something of a lvl2 and I'd start joining in parties of lvl 3s and 4s. I knew I wasn't going to get much experience but I continued to do so such that I could learn how to play the game. Asking veterans how to play was a really cool experience. It takes a while for you to master all the key combinations and "tricks" you can do in EverQuest. There are a huge number of short cut keys and what not.

As I said the graphics are not that impressive. First reason because of the complexity of the levels and characters are very low. Second they are using vertex lighting versus lightmaps so when you have a torch in your hand and walk over a vertex, everything lights up, but after you walk past it, everything gets dark again. Third reason was the fact that the texture resolutions are so low. This is probably because it was developed a while ago, I'm sure that having Glide support with the limit of 256x256 also had something to do with it =). Finally when you change resolutions one of the views you can select, the one with most of the 2D interface, just shrinks down to 640x480 in the middle of your 1024x768 screen. That gets to be quite annoying.


EverQuest: the ultimate addiction

Added:  Monday, July 05, 1999
Reviewer:  Khalid Shaikh

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