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 Jan 22, 2011 - 01:08 PM - by Michael
* The Comics Code is Dead

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Personal Stuff/Random News
The Comics Code Authority is officially dead.

If only it had happened decades earlier, comics would be a far more respected artistic medium.

Thus ends the last clinging particle of darkest days in comics history, an era that did its best to choke the life out of an artform ? but didn?t succeed. Created in the paranoid days of the commie scare ? a period much shorter in its reign than the current post 9/11 world ? the Comics Code was for a time a very real chain around the neck of the American comics industry. It wasn?t until the underground comics and alternative publishers of the 70s that it became clear that comics without the seal of approval would find an audience without scarring the nation forever. And the nation is all the better for it.
The Comics Code Authority is dead. Long live the art of comic books!

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