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 Jul 07, 2010 - 07:23 AM - by Michael
* An odd interview

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Cliff Bleszinski says shooters are the next evolution of RPGs. I'm not sure I believe it.

Sure, Deus Ex's rpg mechanics made the game awesome, and the Call of Duty keeps sticking in more RPG-like mechanics. On the other hand, there's something different about a shooter. In a true RPG, it's 90% the skill of the character, the stats, that make the difference - the rest is 10% planning on the player's part. In a shooter/rpg, more like 70% of the game is simply the player's twitch reflex.

Oh, he also tries to defend Gears of War. Ouch.

It depends on where things go. I mean, one could wean that from the comments I made earlier about the future of shooters is RPGs and see where things are going with us.

But, I mean, I love the jokes about Gears of War not being an innovative game. Suddenly everyone has cover, everyone has roadie-run, everyone has integrated story-based co-op.

And it always amuses me that the Gears games get criticism for their narrative. We never said we were making Shakespeare; this is a Michael Bay Film, go with it.
Hey, uh, Cliffy? We hate Michael Bay films. Especially what he did to Transformers.

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