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 Apr 26, 2010 - 07:44 AM - by Michael
* Disappointing Games

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Personal Stuff/Random News
We remember the good - and sometimes also the bad or disappointing. Damn Lag talks about the most disappointing, overhyped titles of the current game generation:

Ah, Red Steel. Back when the Wii was coming out and hyped up as hell as having crazy-good 1:1 controls and whatnot offering great swordplay and gunplay. Then people actually played Red Steel and realized it was stupid, unresponsive waggling mixed with incredibly retarded AI. Oh, and it looked absolutely horrible graphically. It makes me wonder now if they even tried back then. The game was just so incredibly disappointing since it could have had so much potential as Wii launch game.
With FF13 and Spore top on the list, there we go - reasons gamers may be a tad burned out.

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