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 Dec 01, 2009 - 08:19 AM - by Michael
* Games Workshop Attacks Gamers

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Games Workshop gets almost no love from anyone these days - their behavior towards retailers, letting them build a player base and then undercutting them by dropping an "Official Games Workshop" store next door, is just insane - but BoingBoing covers something even more aggressive: GW trying to cut out people who make either fan-made add-ons, repair kits, or other products to keep long-discontinued products in service.

Also, if you're a board gamer, Headless Hollow still offers some great rules summaries and optional house rules you might consider checking out. Yes, some are the ones GW is going after, but others (like the Arkham Horror rules reference) are great for making your games more playable.

[UPDATE] Games Workshop are just plain jerks all around - a while back they tried to stop anyone from selling their products online, and they shut down Vassal Modules (which allowed people to play online) a while back as well.

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