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 Sep 06, 2009 - 10:29 PM - by Michael
* Brief First Reactions

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Wolfenstein: nicely developed, very good use of the Call of Duty engine. The powers are interesting. Ability to use the guns in different ways, very nice. I find myself trying to use the "lower power" guns more often, probably because I was used to doing the same thing (to conserve ammo) in past FPS titles.

On the downside: the "hunt the items" stuff, and the "big expansive levels with enemies popping up out of rooms I just cleared out" stuff, are both annoying. They also commit a lot of other programming sins, like the "invisible edge of the world."

Batman: Arkham Asylum. Now here is a crazy-fun game, at least to begin. The voice talents are spectacular (hooray for Mark Hamill as the Joker). The combat system is uniquely Batman. Sneak, stealth, or brawl, it's all there. The one annoyance is spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to get to certain "bonus" items (Riddler trophies) only to figure out eventually that I'll have to come back for them later.

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