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 Aug 03, 2009 - 10:33 AM - by Michael
* Radio Shack to change name?

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Word on the street is that Radio Shack is planning to rebrand itself as "The Shack."

Given that they haven't offered much in the way of radios - or parts - in a couple decades, the rebranding of "Crap Shack" would probably be most appropriate, though "The Shack" probably isn't as offensive. I am reminded of a fantastic Onion piece on the company.

1. Names people know are better than names they don?t. RadioShack is among the most familiar names in the country?it?s not only not a liability, but one of the company?s greatest assets. Name recognition beats name accuracy every time: Southwest Airlines is a national carrier, GQ stands for Gentleman?s Quarterly but is a monthly, and AT&T hasn?t lost its second T even though it stands for the obsolete ?Telegraph.? I?ve always admired the Boston-area chain Newbury Comics for keeping that name even though it?s been primarily a music retailer for most of its history. Then there?s my former employer, PC World, which has been smart enough to keep the ?PC? in its name and has outlived all of its principal print competitors.


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