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 Apr 29, 2009 - 08:40 AM - by Michael
* Cable Companies play real dirty

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Personal Stuff/Random News
Trying to stop Greenlight Inc and the possibility of *gasp* real competition in the ISP market, Embarq and Time Warner (the two monopolies Greenlight was created to deal with) are now breaking out the lies and push polls trying to smear them.

Unfortunately for Greenlight Inc., Embarq and Time Warner Cable found out about this and realized that they would be competing against an ISP that was faster, more reliable and cheaper. So, the ISPs went to the North Carolina state senate and lobbied for legislation that would effectively either cripple or ban the service all together.
Now, it seems that there is a report on there that says that the big ISPs are using push polling to gain support of H1252 in the city.

?Phones are ringing in Wilson. There?s a new poll about HB 1252 that is apparently designed with leading questions about municipal broadband.? Writes Brian, the writer of the blog. He continues, ?It includes questions that, as a friend put it, can?t possibly be answered correctly without siding with certain cable and or telco providers.?
Time we do away with all these monopoly areas and restore competition to the marketplace. And if Time Warner can't compete, they should just go belly up.

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